Holistic health practices assist you in ascending into a higher vibrational state.

A higher vibrational state is a state of being exceptionally well.

It begins as energy shifts that happen gradually and increasingly over time.

When I first started regular holistic health practices in 2005, I would estimate that 90% of my day was spent in a regular functioning human state. By this I mean that I was comfortable moving through my daily tasks. I worked to create positive experiences in my life, but my mood and health were not exceptionally good. They were ok. I would regularly experience frustration, anger, pain and sadness. These were not major feelings, but sprinkled throughout my day, it was just the way I lived, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me and I didn’t feel like I was suffering. I ate what I thought was healthy and exercised. At that point I was actually the healthiest I had ever been in my entire life.

Since beginning a regular holistic health and spiritual practice, and along with that becoming a vegan, everything has changed. I would estimate that today about 75% – 90% of my time now is spent in a highly vibrating state. By highly vibrating state, I mean that most of my emotions, feelings and experiences are of the highest vibrating emotions; joy, love and peace. I am exceptionally happy, exceptionally peaceful and content and feeling exceptionally good.

I still feel low vibrations every day, but I am inhabiting a higher vibrational state. I often find myself experiencing situations in the now that are just like something that happened in the past. On the inside, I am perceiving from a different place, a more peaceful, loving and accepting place – a higher vibrational place. Sometimes I don’t perceive immediately from that higher vibrational place when I am triggered, but I am now a witness to anything within me that is low vibrational. I always turn to my practices to bring me back up into my highest self. Since I have started practicing holistic health treatments like Reiki, hypnotherapy, yoga, angel therapy and crystal therapy regularly I have also found that I just don’t get sick as much. I don’t feel the need to see a doctor, because my energy is higher and my body and mind feels stronger and healthier than ever before.

I credit regular holistic health treatment, meditation practice, my plant based & whole foods diet (and the shifting energies of the earth:) with my shift into a higher vibrating life.

I know that whenever you begin a new journey, it takes determination and motivation to continue with diligence on the path.

I believe that committing to practicing holistic health practices as a way of life is the key to transcendent health.

I’ve put together a list of the top ten reasons that your body, mind and spirit will thank you for committing to holistic health. This list is by no means comprehensive, but just the major driving forces that keep me focused on maintaining a regular flow of holistic health practices moving in my own life 🙂

Increased Energy

When I first started energy healing, I really couldn’t wrap my head around how practicing something that didn’t require you to put anything into your body, and that didn’t involve touch, could change my physical health. I think this is one of the most difficult aspects of holistic health practices to understand at first. Once you have started a regular holistic healing practice, energy healing for example, you just start to feel better, but you don’t really understand why.

Once I opened to allow the healing energy into my body, it awakened my cells and I just felt better. These awake cells vibrated throughout my entire body and energy field. Over time, low vibrating physical feelings and emotions faded. I felt stronger, clearer, more peaceful and confident than ever before. It required my conscious attention and surrender to my highest self through the entire process, and it has brought me more energy full of peace, happiness and joy than I have ever known in this physical body.

It is like a snowball effect, once the healing energy starts flowing and you are letting go of the lower vibrating thoughts, feelings and actions, you can’t stop it. Your body is full of health.

Better and More Balanced Moods

There is a specific moment I can remember in time that marked the beginning of the shift in my life from letting my emotions control me to witnessing and learning from my emotions. I had been reading about and practicing Buddhist meditation for a period of time when my partner did something to make me angry. It was pretty horrible at the time, I can remember feeling my blood boiling, I wanted to yell, cry, scream or do something else equally destructive (interestingly today, I can’t even remember what I was mad about 🙂 In this moment, I instantly remembered what I had been learning about stopping and just sitting with the emotion without acting on it. So I did it. And, there on the couch, I watched the emotion slowly dissipate.

As my practice had taught me, I refused to allow myself to stew in the negative details of the moment. I detached from the story that was playing itself out and just tuned into the feeling of anger inside me. It was in this moment that I knew my regular meditation practice was really changing my life. I started to talk to the anger and slowly I developed a relationship like this with each of my emotions, so that my moments of intense emotions became teachers for me, energies that cued me into my deepest drives and desires in life. Over time I began to use other holistic health practices like energy healing, hypnotherapy, angel therapy and crystal therapy to work me through my intense emotional moments (of which I have plenty!). This is perhaps for me the area that has most transformed in my own life. My regular holistic health practice began to teach me a more mindful and intentional way to deal with my emotions.

A Better Body Image

Change your thoughts, change your life. You’ve heard this saying, but until you have lived it, you can’t really believe it. Growing up I always had a negative body image. I have always been super critical of my body and in the past experienced rare moments of total satisfaction with my body. Hypnotherapy and chakra clearing and balancing taught me that my relationship with my body begins within. Once I started telling a better story about my body, practicing that story with hypnosis and listening to my body with clear and open chakras, everything changed. I really feel like as soon as I started understanding that my body was a holistic organism and that every thought in my mind shaped my body, I literally started to develop a better body overnight.

When I took the focus away from all the things that were not ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ I started to find it naturally easier to see all the wonderful things about my body that I had overlooked in the past. Once I saw myself from a more positive perspective, my cells, muscles and entire skeletal system began to move into a deeper place of alignment and beauty. This was not something that happened overnight and it takes my continued focus today to keep my mind focused on the health and vitality that is present within my body.

Less Addiction

I come from a family of addiction. Sugar, coffee, carbohydrates, marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs…. I’ve had many, many experiences with family members who used these substances long term to bring relief to mental, emotional and physical pain. I have lots of addictive genes running through me 🙂 I’ve used my share of many of these substances to comfort my own emotions. It’s only because I have an AMAZING family, full of more love than any person could ever want or need, that I have developed a deep empathy over the years for those caught up in an addiction. And it is why I say that,

Regular holistic health practices will result in less addiction.

I say less because letting go of all addiction is a choice, and sometimes it takes time to make that choice. Once my journey into holistic health began I started to see how my habits of drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and feeding myself sugar and carbohydrates were not making me feel good. This is because all of the healing that I was doing was helping me to vibrate into a higher and higher state. In this higher state the substances that once comforted me, no longer did so. I just felt the negative effects of alcohol the next day, or the strain that smoking was putting on my lungs. Then in this miraculous way, I just stopped wanting the toxins in me that for years were helping me to deal with life. We take substances into our body to make us feel better because there is a lower vibrating energy that is in us that we are trying to comfort. For example, I often drank alcohol to disconnect from the emotions that came up over the course of my day. As my holistic health journey continued and I let go of these emotions, the drugs were not so enjoyable. This is the magic and the miracle of holistic healing and why I have dedicated my life to it.

Once your vibration gets higher and higher, things become less difficult, you just let go, life is easier and you don’t need so many external things to bring comfort to you because the comfort is now emanating from a deeper place within.

Chronic What?

I grew up with severe asthma and allergies. As a child I was very sick at least once a year with bronchial illnesses. I was diagnosed with COPD when I was in my twenties. I smoked about a pack of cigarettes a day and had yearly bouts of bronchitis. Fast forward 5 years. After switching to a vegan diet, supplementing my body with the right vitamins and nutrients and beginning an energy healing practice, all the symptoms associated with the COPD slowly faded. Any illness that did come my way was tiny compared to the struggle I had for years. This is another one of the experiences in my life that converted me into practicing holistic health as part of my everyday lifestyle. Today, I don’t believe in chronic illness.

God gave us these amazingly miraculous bodies so that we could experience all of the splendor that exists on earth.

God wants us to be healthy. Sickness is a human construct, especially chronic illness.

Doctors and other ‘professionals’ look at the conditions that are present in the outside world and make judgements and proclamations about what is going on based on this.

Our body has the power and intuitive knowledge programmed deep in our cells to heal anything.

There is no such thing as a disease that can’t be cured or a condition that you\’re stuck with for the rest of your life.

Rooting Out the Deep Stuff

This is the stuff that miracles are made of 🙂 It was right after the birth of my son that I became really aware of the transformative benefits of regular energy healing treatments. Prior to that time, I had regularly given myself energy healing treatments, I had attended energy healing groups and practiced regular chakra clearing and balancing. But absolutely nothing can compare to the period of three months that I received regular energy healing treatments (bi-weekly) from other holistic practitioners after my pregnancy. I was completing a research project and made arrangements with five healers to give me a series of energy healing treatments (read my article on this journey here). The practitioners used different modalities (Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Healing and Pranic Healing) and over this period I received hour long treatments not focused on healing any problems (as I was already in good health) but just on bringing my body into deeper energetic alignment.

Holistic practices work to eradicate the root causes of imbalance in our bodies, minds and spirit, but sometimes that can be hard to feel in the moment of treatment. Each time I had a treatment, I felt better, more relaxed, and balanced. After the three months was over I remembered a little of the specific details of the treatments and went on with my life. Fast forward 3 more months. Without going into too much detail, MAJOR, MAJOR realizations started to come to me about traumatic experiences from my past that I had blocked out of my consciousness. It was like it hit me all of a sudden, the memories, the old feelings from long ago that were strong, so strong that I had unconsciously blocked them from my mind. You know when something happens and you know it is a result of other things from your past? That aha moment when all the pieces from your past just seem to fall into place and make more sense? Well this was one of those moments supercharged, it was as if in moments I saw the past, recognized the effects it had on me, and let it all go. I knew at this time it was a result of the energy healing treatments I had received. I knew in my moment of healing that these energy healing experiences had lifted something in me that allowed me to heal from all this pain from the past I was carrying with me. From that moment on I became dedicated to educating everyone I worked with about the benefits of regular energy healing treatment. I deeply felt that each healer I had worked with had brought me a different type of healing energy, energy that alone, I could have never accessed.

This energy didn’t stop working in me when the treatment was over, but continued working in me for months and months after the treatments.

I also started asking more questions from the people that I was working with in my own holistic practice about how they experienced the energy working them. It was then that I learned that almost everyone had a similar experience.

The energy healing treatments just feel relaxing in the moment, but the major shifts always came after regular periods of treatments and life happening, and the shifts that came were major, letting go of long standing guilt, resentment, anger and blame that they didn’t even know they had and radical shifts in consciousness.

I think it will take us the rest of our lives to begin to document experiences like this in a way that mainstream medical communities will accept, but until then the only thing we can do is keep healing, trusting in these ancient practices that have been used for thousands of years and allowing our past to fall away as we make room for a healthier and happier life 🙂

Better Relationships

Once you begin to experience deeper emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance, it is inevitable that your relationships will start to shift and mirror the changes that are going on within you. This is another one of those benefits that you don’t really have to work at. When you work on yourself and your own stuff at it’s deepest level, your relationships transform. Yes, there are still difficult moments and experiences that will arise no matter how clear and balanced your mind, body and spirit are – but these ‘difficult’ times begin to be experienced as opportunities to heal at an even deeper level. It is my belief that the only reason any of us are here on this planet at this time is to heal and to bring healing to others. Because holistic healing practices really address every aspect of your life, it is impossible not to heal with regular practice.

When you are healed, it is energetic law that everything else in your life, including every relationship you have, with people, places, animals and things begins to transform! A rising tide lifts all ships.


The essence of karma is that for every thought, feeling and action there is an equal thought feeling or action that comes forth. In very simple terms it can be understood as the law of cause and effect. Most of the karma that we work though in our lives, we work through unconsciously. Most of the healing that takes place on a karmic level also occurs in the unconscious. By practicing holistic health modalities that work with your unconscious such as hypnotherapy, past life regression, chakra healing and energy healing you can become conscious of the karmic ties that you are releasing. The greatest benefit of this is,

Once you become consciously aware of your past karma, it helps you to consciously create a present and future that does not repeat the same mistakes and instead draws strength from your greatest successes.

Becoming conscious of your karma is like getting insight into the history of your soul. Your history, when processed, learned from, and released gives you insight into the challenges and strengths that your soul possesses and becomes a tool for living a more empowered life.


Whatever name you give God; Great Spirit, Universe, Brahma, Elohim, Jesus or Allah, the purpose of this energetic force in your life is great and is the same. Our purpose as humans is to know God in our human form, to remember the divine nature that we come from and shine this nature out into the world. 

This divine nature is love, joy, peace & health. It is your divine birthright to experience love, joy, peace & health is in human form. Holistic health practices are gifts that allow you to move into greater alignment with love, joy, peace & health. When you begin a regular holistic health practice, your vibration gets higher and higher, making it easier than ever before to see the divine in every single aspect of your existence and to vibrate the energies of love, joy, peace & health.

Divine Mother Goddess

The divine mother goddess takes many forms; Isis, Quan Yin, Mother Mary & Shakti are a few. She is part of all spiritual traditions as a presence. She is the supreme nurturer, here to take care of all of our earthly needs. The energy of the divine mother protects us from harm and ensures that our journey here on earth is one filled with love, compassion and comfort in the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth. Holistic healing is inherently feminine process. It is not intrusive, it works with you where you are to comfort you by raising your vibration into the rays of divine light that are here for all of us from our Creator. Like a mother knows her child, the divine mother is here to guide all of us. With regular meditation, energy healing, angel communication and through working with crystals, whole foods and flower essences we can come into deeper communion with her spirit on a daily basis. By bringing holistic health practices into your life on a regular basis, you begin the process of becoming your own mother and awakening your inner Goddess. Just like you do not need to be a man to let God’s light shine through you, you do not have to be a woman to radiate the energy of the goddess. Holistic health practices teach you how to nurture yourself in the highest way possible. This is the true destiny of the children of our new earth, that we begin the practices needed to open our lives to the energies of love, joy, peace and health that the divine God and Goddess offer.

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