Legends about crystals tell of crystal forces that set the electromagnetic field of the earth so that human souls could incarnate. The essence of healing with crystals lies in understanding how minerals form. Crystals are comprised of atoms, which begin as subtle vibrations of small particles called protons, neurons and electrons. The atoms come together through firey gases, volcanic lava streams, and through interaction with air, atmospheric pressure, temperature, water, wind and ice.

Crystals have been used throughout history by indigenous people and advanced civilizations. These ancient people used crystals as healing tools, in initiations, for protection, as jewelry and as the foundation and adornment of temples, castles and other physical structures. Healing with crystals today is a beautiful journey because there are over 300 crystal specimens identified, and they are as diverse as our beautiful planet.

Healing with Crystals: Light Becomes Color

The best way to gain an understanding of the spectrum of crystals that exist is to classify crystals according to their color. Light, when split into bands of color, shapes and colors the crystals. Each crystal that shares in the color spectrum of another crystal, can have similar molecular and energetic qualities. There are seven shades typically identified in the color spectrum, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo. However, just as a rainbow’s colors merge into one another and blend at their intersection, so do all colors on earth. This blending is what results in all of the variations of colors present in nature and in crystals.


Healing with Crystals: The Color Wheel

There are actually 29 colors in the expanded color wheel, shown above. If you were to take this wheel and spin it very fast, all the colors would merge to white, back to their source.Working with crystals and observing the subtle shade differences that exist trains your eyes to tune into more subtle forms of color in the world around you. The simple practice of looking at different crystals is already assisting the development of your vision and sensory perception. Each one of these different shades of color holds a different energetic frequency and can bring different healing qualities to your mind and body .

Healing with Crystals: The Essence of Healing

Crystals reflect different colors because of their mineral composition. Minerals are the building blocks of your bodies and of the natural world. Just bringing minerals into your energetic field can raise the vibration of your body, especially if you are depleted, stressed, worried, in pain or experiencing any other negative emotion or physical feeling.

Crystals can also help you to increase your sense of peace, wellbeing and ability to sense and communicate with the divine. They are such powerful tools, once you begin to study crystals, you will begin to understand the vast amount of healing potential that each stone has and the impact that crystal healing practices are having on people all over the world.

Want to Learn More?

Indigenous healers have used crystals to bring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to people for thousands of years. Here at Indigo International, we are on a journey of Crystal Healing! It is important that you purchase your crystals from a person or company that keeps the crystals in highly vibrating spaces because crystals absorb so much of the energy that is around them, Indigo International offers a growing collection of crystals, explore our crystals online. If you are seeking to take the next step and bring the healing power of crystals into your life on a bigger scale, explore my Crystal Healing Professional Certification Program. Just want to continue reading? I highly recommend the Crystal Enlightenment Trilogy by Katrina Raphaell. This will give you a solid introduction to working with crystals.


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