Living a graceful life requires learning tools to assist in dealing with the unknown and uncertain energies that inevitably arise as we journey through the ups and downs of a human experience. With transition comes uncertainty and this can be the hardest time to live a graceful life. Graceful living starts in your mind. It begins with the realization that there are great blessings that come within the chaos.

When you find yourself in a transition in life, such as with a career change, entering a new school, the birth of a child or after the end of a significant relationship, graceful living requires focus. While in between the old and the new, the feeling can be much like adolescence – confusion, despair, hopelessness and wondering what the point of it all is. It is during this time of uncertainty that it is essential to snuggle even more closely with our creator. Although this may be the time that cultivating a spiritual connection is met with the most resistance within our souls, the greatest growth will come from reaching our arms through the fog of confusion and despair and turning to our spiritual support system. The beginning of living a graceful life is as simple as reminding yourself that it is necessary for the pieces of your life to fall apart, or go through tremendous restructuring in order to move into a place of greater spiritual connection in the future. Keep your faith that we are indeed moving into a new dimension, where spiritual clarity will shine upon those who are open like no time before us. Staying spiritually connected right now will help us ease into this new dimension with grace and in complete alignment with our highest selves.

Live a Graceful Life Through Nurturing Yourself

So how do you weather the clouds and stormy weather that come with uncertain times? Nurturing is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and others right now. Your inner child is in greatest need of nurturing during times of uncertainty. Simple comforts like food, fresh air, experiences in nature, luxurious bathing and lighting candles in your home or bringing flowers into a room can all bring nurturing to your inner child. Another powerful way to nurture your inner child and disconnect from the stress that can come in times of uncertainty is through play. Reconnect with the activities that make your heart sing, play a sport, get creative or fall into a game with a child. Anytime you spend disconnecting daily can help to nurture your soul and keep you balanced.

Live a Graceful Life Through Forgiveness

Periods of uncertainty always bring us into connection with others in our lives who are experiencing uncertainty. This is because a central law of energy is that you attract to you whatever state you are currently in. It can be hard to deal with someone else’s uncertainty when you are having a hard time dealing with your own. That is why during times of uncertainty, it is important to remember that we are all children of the universe and are all innocent in our truest form. These simple truths can help us to garner compassion for ourselves and for others right now.

Many relationships are going through difficult times, and many are beginning to question relationships with friends, family members and significant others. Know that this is a time to look into the depth of the hearts of those close to you.

Jesus, speaking to God from the cross about his persecutors, said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they have done”. Much wisdom can be gained by adopting this simple prayer. When you feel yourself moving into a place of hurt because of something that another has said or done, ask yourself to rise up to the place of Jesus and see the innocence in those around you, pray that you may forgive them in their unawareness, and pray for a new day to dawn in which they will move into the light. This practice stops us from pointing fingers and blaming, and instead challenges us to see the innocence in all of God’s creatures, beginning with ourselves.

Living A Graceful Life Through Cleansing

Practices that cleanse your mind and energy fields daily can make it easier to stay connected to your highest self and source energy. During transitions fearful thoughts often arise. In order to stay connected to spirit, a daily cleansing is necessary. Whether it be taking a walk and clearing our mind by listening to the wind or the chirping of the birds, or taking a shower and letting the water run over our bodies without thought and cleansing us from the days energies, this daily cleansing ritual is so important right now.

As you move through this portal into a new dimension of awareness, you must spend time connecting to your core, to the stillness that lies within your soul.

A simple practice to cleanse yourself energetically if you feel you have stepped into some negative energy is to close your eyes wherever you are and envision a white column of light coming down form the heavens and entering the top of your head. As the white light fills your body, feel it cleansing any negativity you may have picked up. Feel the loving warmth of the white light strengthen and cleanse every cell of your body. Feel the column of white light form a protective shield around you and know that as you go on with your day, this light will protect you and guide you into deeper connection with the truth of your existence. You can call on this light at any time, and as many times a day as you feel you need it.

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