Are you “stuck” in some aspect of your life?

Have you romanticized about pulling the covers over your head and tuning out the world around you?

Some problems need a complete reconfiguration of our current habits and longstanding beliefs to be solved. But, what I’ve come to learn is that no matter how incredibly uncomfortable it is to be faced with a major problem in your life, there is always a solution when you open your mind to let go of the past and develop the courage to vision.

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD. is a leader in the field of consciousness studies. In a recent opportunity to hear Marilyn speak, she very eloquently and with an unfaltering gentle smile, shed light on a mountainous journey that millions of us have embarked on but only a fraction have actually seen the other side of. Marilyn explained that painful, subjective experiences, are almost always the catalyst for personal transformation.

When we become so uncomfortable with our current experience in our extrinsic lives, we are moved into desire for change. And so, starts the “journey” (I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept). Books, teachers, therapists, workshops etc., all begin to partner with us shedding light and peeling back the layers. Layer by layer, we begin to uncover trauma, buried emotions and most surprising…beliefs. Usually beliefs that we didn’t even realize we had or were holding onto. However, the biggest reason that we are most surprised by these beliefs is due to our awareness that we have completely outgrown them and that they are no longer serving a higher purpose in our lives. In fact, often times it is our old beliefs that are getting in the way of solving our problems. Recognize them we may, but change them….we may not. And this my fellow journeyers, is where we get stuck in our own personal “hell”.

Schlitz used the term “pitfalls” to describe this experience of inertia. She described how many of us get lost in the endless exploration of the problem instead of remembering that we have the power to solve any problem. Through instilling new beliefs we can begin to transcend into a new level of consciousness. A temporary high is created as we briefly experience the bridge between the chaos of our external world and the peace that lies at the core of our internal world. This is temporary for the sheer fact that a daily practice of integration is necessary to move beyond the pain and discomfort of our current state and into the peace and joy of our desired state. So, what does that daily practice of integration look like? Well, according to both Marilyn Schlitz and Dr. Deepak Chopra, it is a spiritually guided process that involves four steps:


In order for change to be initiated, it must be preceded by a clear intention and desire. Having a deep desire for change is one thing, but the more clearly you state your intentions for transformation, the more energy and awareness you bring to the process. Once you identify what is going on in your external world that you do not want, the next step is to create an intention for what you DO want and then move your attention to it.


Now that the intention has been set, you must pay attention to what you are attending to. In other words, you can intend to do something, but without regular attention, you won\’t effect any change. Attention means regular time daily focused on your solution and an increased awareness of signs, signals and solutions that show up spontaneously. Simplify your life so that you have time to give everything on your plate your full attention. Let go of all unnecessary activities so that you have the attention to give to your solution.


If your intention is to create a better state of physical health, it is then necessary to engage regularly in healthier habits. By instituting an exercise program, meditation practice or healthier diet, your brain will begin to form new neural pathways or “roads” for which habitual information can travel down. The more times that we travel that particular road, the deeper the grooves become and the more embedded the habit.


Whether it’s a teacher, coach, book, friend, or spiritual guide outside influences offer new perspectives, new knowledge and a means of support. Surround yourself with positive role models who are embodying the qualities and habits that you want in your life.

Essentially what this process gives you is an invitation into an awareness that’s not physical. When you show up into this non-local field you become the observer of your “problem” but also the conscious creator of your ideal “solution”. You begin to understand that duality exists and that for every head there is a tail and every problem there is a solution. Where you intend to give your attention and where you actually invest your attention over time will determine your outcome….

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