Rise Into Your Highest Self!

Heal your body, mind & spirit. Connect with lightworkers from around the world! Train in practices to support your personal & professional practice.

Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Healing

Heal & learn from and with experienced practitioners. Immerse yourself in a sacred container of light for healing & transformation.

One Day Events

Experience and learn about holistic health both in-person and online!


Hands on holistic health practice both in-person and online!

High Vibrational Locations

Every space holds energy. The locations of our events, workshops and retreats are designed to help you to step into sacred light and align with your highest self.

Join Our Community Of Light!

The people we attract into our programs, workshops, events, & retreats believe in the creation of heaven on earth. Be part of our heart-centered community of lightworkers!

Heal & Learn with Professionals!

Heal and learn from inspired professionals in each modality. The right teacher changes everything.

Work Towards Certification!

Through the Indigo Pathway, you gain credit for each workshop, event and retreat you attend, leveling up until you reach certification.

Turn Your Passion Into A Career.

We will work together to transform your love of holistic healing into real world skills & create a blueprint for your dream career.

Heal & learn within sacred containers of light.

Our transformative online events & workshops and in-person retreats are all created within a sacred orb of light. Each experience we create is designed to help you heal and train in a variety of holistic health modalities. We have woven together healing experiences with hands-on workshops and continuing education online programs. You can choose to deepen your healing & learning at in in-person retreat at one of our high vibrational locations around the world.

Transform what it means to heal. Transform what it means to train for a career. Transform what it means to go to school. We are building habits and practices for a lifetime of health.

We are a non-profit holistic health & educational organization.

Our mission is to deliver holistic treatments, trainings & tools globally to help to protect health, prevent disease & promote wellbeing for all people in all stages of life.

We are dedicated to honoring and serving all people through our philosophy of radical inclusion. 

We welcome adults, teens and children of all races, religions, sexual orientations into our community.

We turn no one away through offering a variety of options to join our community including research studies, scholarships, grants, and work- study programs. If you have found your way here, and you are called to the work we do, then take the leap and join us! We have a place for everyone.

All are welcome here.

We are a heart-centered community aligning with light and love in service to humanity.

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