A subtle chain of countless rings

The next unto the farthest brings;
The eye reads omens where it goes,
And speaks all languages the rose;
And, striving to be man, the worm;
Mounts through all the spires of form.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Wisdom from the earth comes in many forms; in the air, the wind, the sun and moon, in fire, water and starlight. This wisdom also exists in plants, animals and all living things. Shamans see this wisdom as medicine for the body, mind and soul. In honoring every thing from the earth that we come into contact with, we gain a deeper connection to the wisdom of Mother Earth and our unique place within her bounty.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Basics

Essential oils are living energy from Mother Earth, they can help us vibrationally shift into health and harmony. Essential oils are HIGH VIBRATIONAL because they are super concentrated plant matter. As soon as you begin using therapeutic grade essential oils are part of your health care practice, you feel your cells come alive and life seems a little brighter! Essential oils raise your energetic vibration, bringing you into deeper alignment with the highest frequencies in the cosmos and in your own backyard 🙂

Aromatherapy is the practice of applying essential oils, topically, internally or through diffusion into the air to help to bring balance and clarity to your mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy is one of many ways you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. When practicing aromatherapy it\’s essential that only pure, undiluted, therapeutic grade essential oils are used. Synthetic, perfume-grade products lack the necessary level of therapeutic qualities, are often laced with toxins and offer little or no scientifically documented effect.

Inhalation of Essential Oils

When inhaling oils for aromatherapy, you can inhale essential oils directly by simply smelling them straight from the bottle, or diffuse essential oils into the air using a diffuser.  You can also use essential oils with a humidifier. Another simple technique is to pour hot water into a bowl and add a few drops of essential oil. Lower your face a few inches over the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with a towel, then breathe deeply and slowly. Depending on the specific constituents in the oil, you may begin to feel the release of negative emotions, the soothing of muscle tension, or experience the cleansing effect of the oils as your body eliminates toxins.

Topical Application of Essential Oils

Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin. Some oils must be first diluted with a carrier oil prior to use. The most effective areas to topically apply essential oils are: crown of head, temples, behind ears, neck, upper back, abdomen, over vital organs, soles and tops of feet and ankles.

To topically apply the essential oils place 2–3 drops of oil in the palm of your hand or directly on the desired area. If placing oil in your hand, rub palms together in a circular motion and then massage oil onto the desired point of application. If applying directly to the desired area, massage the oil into your skin using a circular motion. Repeat as desired.

Note: Essential oils are very potent and some may be irritating to the skin. If irritation occurs, immediately apply a carrier oil or pure vegetable oil to the area to dilute.

Ingestion of Essential Oils

Taking essential oils internally is another powerful way to bring the healing qualities of the concentrated plant medicine into your bloodstream and into the cells of your body from the inside out. Only therapeutic grade essential oils that indicate they are safe to ingest should be taken internally. Lately, I have been drinking my water with a few drops of my favorite essential oils. WOW is an understatement. Liquid medicine!

How Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Works

David Stewart Ph.D., chemist and author, explains that essential oil molecules have the ability to vibrate at a frequency that mimics hormones, stimulate hormonal receptor sites and fuels new molecules. All essential oils are most effective with regular treatment over a prolonged period. Aromatherapist and author Valerie Ann Worwood recommends one essential oil treatment daily for at least three months to regain hormonal balance. Essential oils specifically can help to bring balance to your nervous system, your emotions as well as your physical health. Essential oils have an intelligence that works with the cells of your body to bring it into deeper harmony, this is the intelligence of the plant in it\’s natural form.

Selecting Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

In a world of growing commercialism of plants and essential oils, it can be a challenge to know if the essential oil that you are using to heal yourself is therapeutic quality. In fact, there are companies that market their essential oils as therapeutic grade, even though the quality of the plant they use is not the clinically proven highest grade of the plant. Because this is an emerging industry, when we begin to use essential oils to heal our bodies and minds, we need to be vigilant to ensure that our dollars are supporting companies that honor the sacred spirit of the plant and practice the highest level of seed selection, cultivation and distillation.

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