It is important during transitions to nurture ourselves because during transition unexpected situations and uncertain feelings emerge.  As we ascend with and through the earth’s crystalline grid, we will be going through many transitions as we vibrate into higher dimensions.

As the energetic grid that forms, connects and creates our Mother Earth begins to vibrate into higher and higher frequencies, those of us who are sensitive with our feet on the ground are becoming more sensitive to imbalance in any way around us. 

This is a common symptom of ascension. If we are aligned with the light, we will be more sensitive to the dark, and will become more and more intolerant of it. In practical terms, when we begin good habits we become increasingly intolerant of bad habits. Likewise, if aligned with the dark, you will be more sensitive to the light and may find yourself intolerant of it.

The wisest decision to make if your goal is to move into complete alignment with your highest self, is to give your unconditional focus on the light, and on positive habits in every person, place and aspect of your own body, mind and soul.

This is the easiest place to start. Here are eight practical steps that can assist you in aligning with your light and the habits of your highest self as you move through any transition in life.

Trust Your Intuition

Your strongest emotions and deepest feelings come from a connection to your source energy, which is the origin of your highest self.

How do you know if your intuition is coming from your highest self? Inner guidance that is coming from your highest self always sounds and feels positive. Strong guidance from your highest self can also sometimes sound like a stern loving warning.

The nature of the highest energy that you can inhabit is that it is coupled with your deepest insecurities. Often, when you are reaching the height of your connection with your highest self, your inner guidance has the highest chances of being clouded by your deepest insecurities.

Listen only to the light. Any guidance that is critical, or that makes you feel fearful, worried or in pain is coming from a lower place of consciousness and you can release it and trust that whatever concern it has raised will be addressed fully by the light.

TRUST that complete attention to the light and love that is present in every moment of every day will heal any seeming obstacle and help you to see the truth of the birth of creation that exists with each and every breath you take.

Surrender to Your Highest Self

Transitional times require us to both surrender to the flow and to make choices about how we want our lives to be. As we journey into the Aquarian Age, many of the choices we are here to make are to move into alignment with our highest selves. Here is my three step process for defining your highest self:

1. Decide who you want to be and the life you want to live while you are in deep communion with yourself and nature. Virtues are the building blocks of spiritual character, decide on the virtues that speak most deeply to you.

2. Create your character. Once you feel as though you have a solid sense of what virtues you most deeply desire to align with, make all decisions from this place. You have to know what you believe in order to stand tall and move through any time in life. This process of operating from a virtuous mindset is powerful and can minimize the time you need to spend on all decisions.

I decided, for example, to only think, speak and act in truth with love. I made the decision, then went ahead and started practicing everyday. I have failed many, many times; however, when I make thinking, speaking and acting with love my primary goal, my purpose to live every moment of my life deepens. Your highest self in life feels like joy when you surrender and serves all of those that you touch.

3. Surrender and Commit. Surrender to this new way of being. Declare, “I am love, and I think, speak and act with love everyday”, or “I am the greatest teacher” or mother or guitar player or whatever you feel yourself passionate about then surrender to this truth and commit to it. Every time you fall, get up and keep practicing. This is an essential practice when moving through any transitional time. Don’t doubt that you will fall, expect it, and lift yourself back up with compassion. Just surrender to the belief that you can be whatever you decide to be…

A great example of this practice was Muhammad Ali, who spoke with total conviction the truth he saw he wanted to be before he ever became the greatest boxer in the world ❤

Tune Into Deeper Spiritual Truths

When we move through transitions in life it is in our human nature to seek out the advice of others who have gone through similar processes in their own lives. To truly nurture your mind by helping to align it with your highest self, the wisest council you can keep is your spiritual support system. At any given moment every single human being on earth has a spiritual support system that surrounds us and guides us through the moments of our days. Our spiritual support system consists of our personal and religious connection to God, the Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, archangels, lightbeings, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, nature spirits and animal spirit guides. Our spiritual support system is also present in every thread of nature, every cell of every plant and the molecules that form the basis of water, air, fire and metal.

We only need to sit in reverence of the spirit that is already present in our lives and ask our advice in that space. A powerful way to tune into the deepest spiritual truth of any situation is to create a sacred space in which you invite the spiritual beings that you most desire advice from into. Bring images or symbols that represent the divine beings that you are most drawn to work with. I have outlined a simple ritual for honoring the divine that can be adapted to accommodate any divine being you wish to honor in my article on Bodhisattva Kuan Yin: A Self-Love and Compassion Ritual.

Connect with Your Breath

Your breath is the source of your life. Reconnect to your breath by bringing your attention to it while you are doing your regular daily tasks. When you wake up and throughout your morning routine, practice returning your focus to your breath regularly. While you sit down to type your morning emails, practice staying connected to your breath the entire time. As you walk to the bathroom, and as you bathe, keep your attention focused on breathing in. As you breathe in throughout your day, make regular moments to feel your breath as you breath in moving all the way up into your crown, hold your breath for as long as you can in your crown, and then as you exhale, feel your breath move all the way down your spine exiting at your root chakra. This breath brings you deep into connection with your body and with your highest self and roots within the heart of Mother Earth. Breathing in this way throughout your day will assist you in coming into harmony during any time of transition in life.

Appreciate the Holy Nature of Everyday Life

Every thought, every idea and every word, has in it the seed of holiness. As we spend time daily appreciating the holiness inherent in each moment as it presents itself to us, we open up our ability to discern the spiritual truth of any situation. Spiritual truths don’t only present themselves to us in sacred ceremonies or quiet meditation time, when we slow down our minds, and connect to our bodies on a daily basis, we can begin to see with increasing clarity the spiritual truths that lie at the center of everything we experience. Pray each day as you wake to see the holiness in every thought, idea, and word that comes to you and in every aspect of our life on earth.

Don’t Try To Change Anyone

During transitions we are often presented with conflicted reflections of energy in our external world, which are reflections of the past that we have created and the future that we are creating. The most important truth to remember during any transitional time is that the other person is simply reflecting a piece of your essential energy back to you. This is why you should refrain from criticizing or trying to change those around you. Instead, hold your critical thoughts and examine them with the light of your highest self’s mind. In this mind, imagine that you can clearly see that every criticism that you have of another is really a criticism of yourself that you need to bring into alignment. As you use your criticisms to change yourself you will find that you will feel less wanting to change others, and more wanting to lead by the example that your highest self is guiding you to take.

Take every critical thought as a cue of something you need to shift on the inside.

Take time daily to journal about these thoughts and aspects of yourself that you need to bring into alignment with the light. As you do this, watch and see how your external environment will magically begin to move into greater and greater harmony with your highest self. You will also notice those things about others that you thought needed changing were placed in your life at exactly the right time to teach you about what you really needed. When you can practice enough self-discipline to control your criticism and analyze it first, miracles will occur as time and silence gives you the ability to look deeply into the criticism and work with it to illuminate the highest aspect of your own being.


Play is a powerful way to nurture your inner child, the aspect of your psyche that is always present within you.During transitions, scheduling time in for play keeps our minds and bodies in an adaptive state. Play helps you to loosen fixed ideas & ways of being you may be attached to. It brings you into deeper communion with your highest self, when it is engaged in activities that feed your light. Play can be described as anything that brings you joy, so gardening or reading can be play, so can running or swimming or taking a walk to get ice cream on a hot summer day. Play brings you balance when you are working hard and can keep your mind focused with ease. When we forget to play, we rob ourselves of this important energy in our lives, for a playful mind is more able to adapt to changes in direction when they come up, and is poised to navigate through any transitional time with ease and grace. It is essential to our nature, and often overlooked when we have lots on our plates.

Practice Holistic Healing

Holistic healing practices are the ultimate nurturing tool. Your mind, body and spirit move into a place of deep healing using natural healing tools such as yoga, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualization, Affirmations, Breathwork, Meditation and Whole Foods Nutrition. Try to find simple ways to bring holistic healing practices in your everyday routines.

  • You can integrate short 5 minute yoga breaks throughout your day simply by choosing one posture that will help your body and practicing it during scheduled intervals in your day.
  • You can bring essential oils, flower essences and crystals into your daily bathing, cleaning and cooking rituals.
  • You can practice affirmations by placing sentences that describe where you desire your highest self to be in your working space.

Holistic healing practices used in everyday practices as rituals are ways to ground into the essential quality of your life, a practice that is both grounding, cleansing and detoxifying during any times of transition in life.

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