This case study is the first of a seven-part research study on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of DNA Activation & Attunement in our practice. From February 2020 to February 2021, inside of Indigo Clinics we collected data on 145 DNA Activations & Attunements. We have analyzed the first set of results here.

Pleiadian Institute, School of Energy Healing

PUBLISHED: August 30, 2020

ABSTRACT: DNA Activations & Attunements that integrate energy healing, meditation, hypnosis, breathwork and creative visualization have great potential for healing. We have witnessed multiple spontaneous experiences of complete healing with our clients. This seven-part research study is our first attempt to begin to collect data on the transformational healing that we have collectively witnessed. All participants in this study will experience 145 DNA Activations & Attunements total between February 20, 2020 and February 20, 2021. The data in this first part of the study was collected between February 20, 2020 and August 6, 2020.

The DNA Activations and Attunements process takes place over 10 in-person DNA Activations & Attunements as distance telehealth treatments. Participants are led through a 6 week preparation period, then met with a practitioner for an in-person DNA Activations & Attunements via ZOOM Video Conference. Participants were provided with a recording after the Attunement by the practitioner to help with the integration of the light into their bodies and minds.

In between the in-person attunements, participants follow a daily calendar and take place in hypnotic multidimensional energy healing experiences to support the awakening of their lightbody. Participants are also led through a Chakra Healing Activation & Attunement series, which you will find more information on in a later part of this research study.

The data collected in the first part of this study is from participants that completed the 6 weeks of preparation and the first Attunement. The next stage in our research will be Attunements II & III, then IV & V and the final stage will include Attunements VI, VII, VIII IX, & X. It is important then to note the data presented here is representative of participants in the first 10 weeks of the DNA Activation & Attunement Process. The entire process is 40 weeks; this research represents 25% of the total journey.

THE FINDINGS: After reviewing the data, it is clear there are several consistent patterns. Most apparent are the data points that we have collected on physical, mental and emotional experiences and food, water, substances and sleep. The most common feeling reported was healing at 95.8% and challenging at 91.3%. The experiences are almost equally as challenging as they are healing, but slightly more healing. The majority of participants needed more sleep, more water, and less food.

The personal reflection from the participants weave a powerful story of transformation. All experienced a profound transformation in different ways as a result of this work. If you read through the words of the participants, you hear this transformation. It is not without struggle, and it is not always clear what is happening, but there is a regular experience of healing, lightness, of strength in the light, and of comfort.

LIMITATIONS: This case study has limitations that must be considered when analyzing the results. Our original intention was only to include participants who experienced at least the first attunement in our feedback below. However, enrollment was high, participation was low. The number of enrolled participants was much higher than the number of participants who completed the first attunement, which takes place at week 6. Less than 50% of participants that began the program completed the first attunement at week 6.

CONCLUSIONS: In the next stage of this case study, we have created several changes to support more follow through and deeper healing with our participants. DNA Activations & Attunements will move from a 1 on 1 format to a small group attunement session. Each session will last 3 hours and each participant will experience both the power of the healing synergy of the group and a personal message from the practitioner. Treatment Check-Ins will be discontinued for DNA Activations & Attunements, instead, there will be monthly DNA Activation & Attunement Treatment Group that each participant can attend. An assistant clinical director will be assigned to each participant and will check in regularly with participants that miss scheduled appointments or stopped participating through providing regular email support.

See all of the charts and graphs that describe what we measured and read through the words of the participants. 


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