“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift

and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  

We have created a society that honors the servant

and has forgotten the gift.” 

Albert Einstein

Think back to the last time you heard yourself say, ‘I knew I should have gone that way’ or ‘I knew I was going to run into …’.  Think about the last time you had a feeling or a hunch about something.  Maybe you just got the feeling you should take a different route home, but you didn’t listen to it and ran into a ton of traffic…If you can remember back to that feeling of knowing, that’s your intuition. Your intuition is a partner to your intellect. They work together to form your awareness and synthesis of life.

Any time you listen to these ‘illogical’ feelings you’re working from intuition.  I started a conscious shift to develop my intuition in 2005. You might ask yourself, “Why should you bother listening to your inner voice when your life is going fine living through your intellect?”  Our intuition is connected to our Higher Self.  This energy is present within us at all times, however, it is a quiet energy and we need to slow down and quiet our minds to hear what is telling us.

What is Intuition?

There are three different types of intuitive guidance that you may receive.

Guidance From Your Subconscious Mind

These are those eureka moments, when you find new relationships to old information, those ‘I got it!’ or ‘That’s why that happened!’ moments.

Telepathic Connections

This is tuning into others broadcasts and sending out your own; those are the times you are thinking of someone and they call or send you an email. Or the time when another person finishes your sentence.

Guidance From Your Superconcious

This is guidance from God and other spirit guides, warnings, urgings, new ideas, inspirations, breakthroughs in understandings, desire to redirect your life, a need to stop or let go of what you are doing, a need to commit to go forward with what you are hesitant about.

How to Hear Intuition Clearly?

There are four necessary decisions you need to make and convey to your subconscious mind in order to initiate intuition.

Be Open to Intuitive Guidance

The first decision you must make is, “I am open to my intuition”  This sets up your frame of mind to be receptive.  No matter what guidance you receive, whether it’s something you want to hear or something that you don’t want to hear, be ready to be open.  Being open to your intuitive guidance is your first step, it is the beginning of what will make your experience different from that of the close-minded person.  It is the shift that will allow your life to be assisted by the divine presence of angels, guides, teachers and God.

Expect Intuitive Guidance

The second step is even more bold than the first.  Once you are open to your intuition, you must move on to expect it.  Most important to remember here is that you are designed to receive this communication, it is natural.  There is no special ability you need to develop, you just need to tune in to parts of you that are already connected.  Imagine for a moment that your body is like a radio receiver.  It is designed to pick up and relay vibrations from the universe, just like a radio is designed to receive and relay sound vibrations.  Being open to your intuition is like turning on the radio receiver.

Expecting intuitive guidance is like turning the dial to a clear channel of communication with your higher self.  Your dial is your attention, when you turn your attention to your intuition, you can expect to receive it.  Your goal is to tune that dial into your intuition (or higher self) every day, as often as possible.

Trust Your Intuitive Guidance

Trust what your Higher Self conveys to you.  This step may be harder for some people to take.  You may struggle with your intuitive feelings for a few reasons; the most common are: they are not supported by appearances or beliefs, or you may not want to trust them because they are telling you something you may not want to hear.

Trusting your intuition may take you time; I had to go through many instances when I didn’t listen, only to look back and wish I had to know now that I need to trust every time.

Intuition is God’s gift to you.  It is the collective voice of your higher self, your guides, your teachers, your angels and the divine.  To receive such a gift and have it work for you, you have to value it by listening.  You have to accept that your intuition is there to help you, guide you, lead you, and support you.  It is a beautiful and loving force.  But it is gentle.  It will not override your free will or your strong negative emotions.

Trusting your intuition takes courage and patience.  To trust your intuition is to stand apart from the majority and direct your life from within, focused on the guidance from your Highest Self.

So how can you tell if it is your Higher Self you’re hearing?  When our intellect is guiding us, we think we know what’s going on but there are often doubts, but when we’re guided by intuition, we know what’s going on, it feels certain although we often have no material evidence to support it.

Develop a Relationship With Your Intuition

If there is something we want in life, whatever it may be we have to put out effort in to get it.  When we meet someone we’re interested in, we communicate in many different ways.  We call them on the phone, send notes, cards, or emails.  We go for walks together and share meals with them, we talk, listen, share and get to know each other, and that’s exactly how it is when we develop a relationship with our intuition.

Intuition is our personal God.

So how do we get a dialogue going with our personal God?

Step I: Talk

By talking, Talk while your driving the car, riding your bike, doing the dishes, in the shower or walking the dog.  Talk knowing that God is listening, talk just like you would to a loving parent or true friend.  The conversations don’t have to be formal, talk about your day, your thoughts and feelings, your dreams.  Ask for advice if you need it.  What we often call prayer is really just talking.

Step II: Listen

The second part of this dialogue is to listen.  Give God time to respond.  Don’t expect a loud obvious sign, listen for anything, as attentive as you can be.  When we are finished talking, the most important part of this process is to quiet our minds enough to hear the small voice of our intuition.

Get into the habit of tuning into the voice within your gut rather than the one in your head.  We’ve managed to get things mixed up, we need to go to our intuition for guidance and then to our minds for support and implementation.

Step III: Meditate

Quiet your mind so that you regularly have periods of silence.  Take time away from people, so that you can focus within…. One excellent way to practice listening to your intuition is through meditation.  All meditation is is listening, something we all know how to do.  The only difference is that we are listening to a silent voice.  Listening to our own silence.  Once you experience how loving your inner voice can be, and how much it wants to help you, you’ll realize that meditation is actually a wonderful gift.  We can usually get all the guidance we need from meditation.  It just takes practice.

Don’t get impatient with it, think of developing your intuition like conditioning your body, you can go to the gym every day for a week and not notice any difference in your body, two weeks may pass and still no noticeable difference, you need to continue communicating with your intuition and slowly, just like with your physical body you will start to notice slight differences, for me meditation is not as much of a struggle as it used to be.

How to Know if my Intuition is Accurate?

One of the questions that I hear the most often and the problems I see students having is how to trust the intuition that you feel is accurate, especially when it is negative. I personally find that when our fear is the greatest, we have the most tendencies to lean towards obscuring our intuition with the emotion of fear. One of the hardest times I have ever had trusting my intuition is when I believed myself, another a situation or substance to be ‘wrong’ ‘to blame’ or guilty. In order to align with the guidance of your highest self, you must first practice purifying your mind, body and your emotions . Once you are vibrating from a higher place, it will be easier to see lower thought forms for what they are. It is very easy to mix up your intuitive guidance with the negative emotional perceptions that come from deep subconscious wounds. When you have a negative experience or emotional reaction to what your intuition is tuning into it can leave wounds in your subconcious mind. So instead of being able to hear or feel guidance from your highest self, you are triggered into old emotional places. This is a sign that you are mixing your intuitive guidance with your deep subconscious wounds that you are here to heal.

Although I say your intuition is always right, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t regularly get mixed up with emotional baggage and made it into something it is not.

If you are getting repetitive negative intuitive vibes from someone or from lots of people, it is ALWAYS a sign that you need to clear something within yourself in order to tune into the light within others. I have witnessed many times myself and others getting so caught up in a negative storyline within our minds that we are not perceiving clearly what the truth is.

Here are some tips to help you determine if your intuitive guidance is accurate 🙂


When you feel lost, ask. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask Spirit for. If you are uncertain that guidance that you have received is accurate, ask. I ask for signs when I am unsure. If I have a big decision to make that I am unsure about, I ask for signs every single day, multiple times a day. I don’t ever stop asking, and for this reason, I always get an answer. It doesn’t always come right away or when I want it to, but if I keep asking, clear guidance always comes.

Let Go Of the Negative Story & Step into the Light

If you think anyone else has control over how you feel, if you think another is ‘wrong’, ‘to blame’ or guilty or if you think you are somehow out of control or ‘wrong’, ‘to blame’ or ‘guilty’ about something, you cannot arrive at clear intuitive guidance.

‘The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are relying on your own strength’ ACIM

Let go of all stories other than those that reflect love and lessons learned. From this place your most accurate guidance will come.

Let Go of All Attachment to Outcome

You can’t force your intuition to speak to you no more than you can force your body to be fit. You must practice consistently over time. You must make connecting to your intuition a daily priority. As you honor every little piece of intuitive guidance as you would honor a pot of gold, you will open up to the infinite flow of divine support available to you at all times. Practice will bring a flood of intuitive insights over time. In the beginning, you can’t make it happen, so just en-joy the practice. If you speak or act on your intuition and you are wrong, just remember, it is part of the process. When a reporter asked Thomas Edison, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” Our minds are miraculous instruments and to develop our intuition is a lifelong journey with an infinite number of steps. To practice daily with joy will bring you the greatest rewards.

Record All Intuitive Impulses

The journal has been instrumental for me in developing my psychic abilities.  The progress that I and many others have made through journaling is major.  No one is born with crystal clear guidance, everyone has gone through a process. Practice carrying a small journal with you and recognizing all intuitive feelings as they occur.  This includes all impressions, impulses, and what you might call coincidence.  Do not edit, or dismiss anything.  Everything counts.  Put some time aside each day, whether it be at lunch, or on the couch with a candle lit at the end of the day, to reflect and write. It’s more about the process then the outcome here, the more practice you have working with your intuition, the easier it will become to hear it.

Let it be fun to notice these intuitive moments.  This journal will become your greatest cheerleader, as your own documented experiences serve as proof that you are moving ahead in developing your own intuition!

Honor Everything As A Sacred Gift 

Sometimes your mind disqualifies many truly divinely guided experiences by calling them coincidences, chance or luck and not indications of a true connection to your spirit.  Many students in the past, when asked to describe an intuitive experience, can’t come up with one.  We are too busy disqualifying and minimizing all the events that happen, we don’t consider them big enough. 

A great example is those times when we are thinking of someone all week and then out of the blue, we run into them, or they call, or send us an email.  We often write it off as, “No big deal”, as a coincidence, chance or luck. But each of these little events is intuitive guidance from the universe.

When you begin to wake up to your soul, you become aware of just how much you are being guided and protected by higher planes at all times.  This guidance is a sacred gift – it is a communication of the soul.  Sometimes the soul communications will directly conflict with your reason.  This has happened quite often in my case.  Since I was young I have always had a very strong analytical mind.  When I first started to discover my intuition as an adult, it took me a long time before I actually began to listen to it consistently.  There were many hard lessons when I just didn’t want to hear what it was telling me and repeated mistake after mistake, following what I ‘thought’ with my rational mind was the ‘right’ thing to do.

The cure? Remember that everything counts.  No matter how insignificant the sign, it should never be disqualified. 

Now, I have learned to listen no matter what.  If it’s not what I want to hear, I ask more questions, I try to clarify, I ask for answers in my dreams.  When I am not hearing clearly the guidance of the divine beings all around me it is most often a result of inaccurate perceptions on my part (not seeing love:), or disqualification of the insight that has already come to me.

Live in Your Excellence 

Intuition is the ability of a person to perceive and be aware of subtle direction coming from his or her higher self.  In order to perceive this guidance, you must have keen awareness of more subtle, higher psychic influences.  Intuitive ability is a moment-to-moment relay between your conscious mind and your Higher Self.  In order for that really to occur you have to be able to live in your excellence. To live in my excellence I require three things: daily loving habits, organization and order and freedom to create. Living in my excellence began as a mental exercise, I would consciously spend more time every day on creating the foundation for excellence.

“As within, so without”  As you dwell in mental pictures throughout your day of your Highest Self, you begin the process of embodying her.  From your Highest Self, you expand your awareness and sensitivity to your intuitive ability exponentially. 

Don’t feel like you need to be living in excellence in your entire life before you can be clear enough to hear your intuitive guidance, because I can tell you right now, you don’t need to. My biggest accomplishment throughout this process has been forgiving and loving myself every day that my physical reality does not match my mental pictures of my Highest Self. Do little bits at a time, but commit to it, make it part of your personal and spiritual growth.

Seek Joy

In order for your intuitive guidance to be clear, your internal vibrations must be high and clear. When you spend too much time in low vibrating emotional states such as fear, anger, judgement, or shame your intuition begins to be clouded. Seeking joy is the easiest way to move out of all lower vibrating emotional states. As human beings, we all desire happiness. To seek joy is to do and follow those things that make you happy! This is a moment to moment practice that is done first in your mind. To seek joy today, think about the rest of your day. Next, think about the things you could do today that would make you the happiest. Commit to yourself now that you will follow your happiness for the rest of your day! Try this every morning when you wake up, and your connection to your intuition will deepen in a way that you can only know by beginning new vibrational patterns within your mind.


‘Prayer is the medium of miracles’ ACIM

I have had many experiences, all linked to my fear, anger, judgement or shame, in which I just could not hear my intuitive guidance clearly. What does it for me every time is prayer. For me, the energetic action of prayer; surrendering to God, making a clear request and opening to receive whatever guidance comes through sets into motion all of the forces that are at work in the Universe. Clear intuitive insight always comes to me after regular prayer. If you get stuck, pray, keep praying with gratitude that these are the practices that have been given to us to bring us into union with our Highest Selves!

I welcome you to share your practices for opening to and receiving the intuitive guidance of your Highest Self. I am here with you in spirit, practicing every day!


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