The Crystalline Grid is the Light Body of the Cosmos

The Crystalline Grid is a term used to describe the consciousness of light that surrounds us and is within us at all times. We are all connected to this infinite field of light and as more and more of us connect to and radiate the love and light of this divine field of consciousness, the critical mass will begin to shift from 3rd dimensional awareness of life to a higher dimensional awareness that only realizes love as true.

The language of the new Earth can be difficult to navigate, as there are many different terms used to describe the Crystalline Grid. The Unity Grid, Unified Field of Divine Love and Christ Consciousness Grid are all synonyms for the Crystalline Grid. The Crystalline Grid contains the earth and the geomagnetic field that surrounds the earth, encompasses the entire solar system and radiates out into all other galaxies throughout time and space. Sacred geometric fractals, like a language of universal light consciousness; creates the framework for the grid.

The Crystalline Grid is a holographic matrix of light made up of energetic fractals. It is anchored by high vibrational points within the Earth.  The Crystalline Grid anchors at vortexes that are portals into the next dimensional experience on earth. High vibrational energetic frequencies have been grounding into the Crystalline Grid since the beginning of the Aquarian Age. These frequencies are being held in place by great portals of light at certain places on the earth’s surface. These great portals of light are collecting negative particles of energy and transmuting them into higher frequencies.

I have been blessed to travel to some of these portals and have physically felt the crystalline grid beneath my feet woven into the earth’s crust. To align with the crystalline grid is to move into union with the cosmos. The crystalline grid is one with God and Mother Earth, it is where the highest vibrations of our experience and the infinite wisdom of truth move together in perfect geometric harmony.

The Crystalline Grid connects the crystalline core of Mother Earth with portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Earth to the multidimensional cosmos. Our ancestors were aware of this energetic geometric grid and through aligning with it’s divine perfection built pyramids, religious sanctuaries and mystical sites.

To move into harmony with these sacred natural portals bring you into alignment with the crystalline grids high vibrational frequencies. A few of my favorite earth portals that anchor the energy of the crystalline grid are Katchina Woman: Sedona, Arizona; Mount Shasta, California; Lake Titicaca, Peru; Glastonbury, Ireland and Ayers Rock, Australia

Crystalline Grid Alignment

You don’t have to be at one of these sacred sites to connect to the Crystalline Grid, you can align with the Crystalline Grid where-ever you are on planet earth at this time. This grid is a place of truth where we can come together as lightworkers and as human portals of light, bring the energy of divine love into form, where it is needed most. If you live or work in a place on earth that at this time is experiencing lower vibrating frequencies of violence, poverty or fear, attuning to the crystalline grid will assist you in aligning with the light present in the very ground you walk on every day.

Two of the most powerful ways to align with the Crystalline Grid is through meditation and affirmations.  Over time, as you connect energetically with these pillars of light, you help to further activate the lightbody of Mother Earth and assist in the planetary ascension of our human brother and sisters into the Golden Age of Aquarius. This is the journey of our lifetimes. It is not a transition we will experience overnight. Instead, with patience and over time with focus we can begin to bring the love and light of the Crystalline Grid into our every waking experience on earth.

Just by living in awareness of the love and light of the Crystalline Grid, we can begin to shift the energetic frequency of the planet. Until then, simple affirmations can align you with the consciousness of love and light everyday. My two favorite affirmations to begin alignment with the crystalline grid are:

Want More?

Through attunements to these pillars of light using sacred geometry, sound and color the Crystalline Grid Attunement will allow you to merge with the frequencies of transcendent love and light and bring them into your own body in order to assist humanity in it’s ascension into the Golden Age of Aquarius. I’m teaching an online  to help you to move into union with the healing course that includes 40 weeks of DNA Activation & Attunement, alignment to the healing energy of the crystalline grid and optional certification for practitioners who want to deepen their energy healing practice. Explore the course today!


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