Communicating with lightbeings is a lifelong journey. It is one that requires faith and practice. The more time your spend communicating with the beings of light that surround us all, the more you will learn to tune into their loving guidance. There are an infinite number of lightbeings,Β I consider all beings of light, although they do have specific qualities. This is the first in a series of articles on my experience communicating with these lightbeings.

There are several practices that I have learned over the past ten years that I have been practicing intuitive communication that have heightened my ability to perceive and communicate the messages of light and love that come from beyond. Although I am only writing a short paragraph about each practice, this is more of a list of lifetime practices. They are principles that are aligned with the light. As you become one with these principles, you become one with the light; communication from this place is effortless.

Purify Mind, Body and Heart

To purify your mind is to first be a witness to all of your thoughts, feelings and actions as you move through your day. I have found the most powerful practice for this is mindful meditation. To purify your body is to feed it only pure, whole foods. I personally have let go of all processed foods and eat mostly raw, vegan and alkaline. To purify your heart is to remove all the barriers to love that you have created.

Have Faith in the Unseen

It creates no harm for you to go through your entire day expecting messages from the divine beings of light that surround us at all times to come through in every moment, where-ever you are and whatever you are doing. As you practice an open-hearted curiosity in each moment and joyfully expect the miraculous to unfold, you will align with the lightbeings and their powerful insight. For me part of having faith is first asking, and asking again if I am growing weary. I have always felt the love from all lightbeings as I feel the love from God; there are never too many questions that can be asked. If I am needing more faith, I ask for more signs. I ask for more help. I generally ask for help multiple times a day. The more I ask and the more I tune into listen, the more divine insight I am given.

Focused Time & Attention

For me, all lightbeings are guides to help us align with higher vibrational thoughts, feelings and actions in each moment. We only need to focus our attention on them and spend time with them to attune to their frequency. This can be done in dedicated meditation time each day or throughout your day, At specific times throughout the day that I have identified as times I need extra assistance focusing on the light, I set alarms on my cell phone. The alarms are not the harsh ringing tone, but a gentle bird chirping πŸ™‚ They go off at 11:11 am, 1:11 pm, 3:33 pm, 4:44 pm and 5:55 pm. Each one provides me with a different message reminding me to tune into the light, to ask for help from my spiritual guides, to remember my greatness, practice love and to expect a miracle πŸ™‚

What I know for sure is that what you give your attention to, grows.

I have only had spectacular results with my regular practice of asking all of the lightbeings that are guiding my path for help regularly. I have come to a point where I find it mostly effortless to ask for and receive divine insight and support from all lightbeings that surround me and that I call upon for help.

Seeing the Light Everywhere

If you can’t see God in all then you can’t see God at all’ Yogi Bhajan

Communicating with lightbeings is an energetic and holistic practice. You cannot practice seeing darkness in another or within the world and then expect to see pure light when you turn to your lightbeings. In fact, when you open up to the light, you also open up to the ability to see into the darkness with greater and greater capacity.

It is work to choose to see the light every day, just like it is work to eat healthy. Purify your body, mind and heart, prepare for your day and forgive yourself when you fall astray. These practices raise your vibration so that as you practice seeing beyond the veil of our reality, your attention is focused upon the light.


What if every single experience that you had seeing or feeling the light of your angels, archangels, ascended masters or starbeings was a pot of gold with infinite wealth within?Β This is indeed the value of every feather or coin you pass, with every image that appears in the clouds or in the night sky and with every whisper or feeling from the divine. As I practiced stopping and reflecting on the greatness of every little sign I received from above, I have felt a tremendous opening. This opening I can only describe as a gift and a result of my practice. My mind, body and heart feel more open than ever, and when I sit down to ask for guidance, or when I call for it throughout my day, I always find signs from the light there to comfort me.


I recently came across all of my journals from the beginning of my practice in divine communication and intuitive development. I remembered thinking that every word that came through, even if it did not make sense to me back then, would prove as valuable insight in the future. Reading back over all of the guidance that I wrote for myself from my divine guides, it could not have predicted my future with greater accuracy! All of the guidance that came through now shows me with so much certainty that the divine guides that I have been connecting to since the beginning of my practice have always been leading me to the greatness that I am still becoming today πŸ™‚ In other words…

Journaling has given me confidence.

I didn’t have confidence in the beginning. I doubted a lot, I had a hard time integrating the wisdom that was coming from my divine guides with my everyday practices. My journals became the records of my progress, a time table of my development. I am a far better teacher for having them today πŸ™‚


Other then purifying my mind, body and heart I would say the single practice that has brought me heightened connection with all lightbeings has been crystal healing. I currently work daily with crystals to help me to connect to the light.

Working with crystals gives me a feeling of being connected at all times to lightbeings.

I see and feel the presence of the light within the crystalline structure of the crystals I work with and that helps me to see the light within all else around me. I have always been drawn to large quartz or large raw crystals. I feel that the larger the crystal and the higher the quality of the quartz, the higher the vibration. I also spend lots of time gazing into the crystals, studying their crystalline structure and articles and books. All of this attention helps me to connect energetically to their light, which is one with the light of the lightbeings. I also have crystals that are used just to communicate with specific lightbeings. For example, I keep a large Celesite cluster on my desk to encourage angelic communication throughout my work day. I also often carry tibetan quartz to connect to the loving guidance of the Pleiadian Lightbeings.

I hope you en-joyed this short guide πŸ™‚ I would love to hear about any other practices or questions that you have to connect to your divine guides and all lightbeings.

Communicating about the light helps us all to vibrate higher πŸ™‚

We are stronger together than we will ever be alone!

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