Activate, Align, Heal

Holistic Treatments From the Comfort of Home



Your lightbody is one with the lightbody of the cosmos and one with the lightbody of Mother Earth. This DNA Activation & Attunement process leads you through a full activation of your lightbody. Listen to the introduction, you will learn about your lightbody before you experience your first attunement to this powerful healing energy. 

Set up your healing space for the attunement by refreshing your healing altar with cleared crystals, candles, and/ or fresh flowers. 


To begin, say, ” I open to receive this healing attunement now”

In your sacred space, set aside 90 minutes to receive the attunement. Play the full healing experience twice or play it once and spend the last 45 minutes breathing deeply and rhythmically in silence.


In the 24 hours after your attunement, continue your fast from food, media, sexual activity, and toxins. In the next 48 hours, maintain a high vibrational environment and only bring high vibrational substances into your body. Listen to the full healing experience again during this time either upon waking or before you go to sleep. Practice breathing the light through your body during this time, this will strengthen your energy field, help you to integrate the energy of the attunement and create a foundation for the full expansion of your lightbody.

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