Crystals are gifts from Mother Earth here to help us shift the vibration of the planet. Each crystal has a specific frequency that it vibrates at. When crystals are kept in clear and highly vibrating spaces, and used in meditation with the proper intent, they speak messages about the healing of our bodies, minds and our planet. They are also powerful tools to help raise your vibration and to bring cellular balance and regeneration. Here are some of the steps you can take to ensure you keep your crystals vibrating at the highest frequency possible ….

I. Intentional Cleansing

Take time to create a nurturing space to cleanse your crystal. Choose a quiet time and cover the crystal in a dry salt bowl. Surround this bowl with candles. After the crystal has been sitting in the salt for 1-24 hours, carefully remove it from the salt and place in direct sunlight or moonlight for 1-24 hours. Use your intuition to tune into when the crystal is done cleansing. When the crystal feels light and clean, the cleansing is complete. You can also ask the crystal before you begin the cleansing to give you a sign when it has been cleansed completely. Repeat this simple ritual every time your crystal comes into contact with other people and monthly if it is not in use. Think of a crystal like a flower, regular attention, watering and sunlight will keep the energy of the crystal more alive.

Some crystals have been in low vibrating spaces or out of the earth for long periods of time, these crystals may take longer to cleanse. If your crystal still feels heavy, or you feel any low vibrating energy at all coming from the crystal, dig a small hole in the earth in a sacred space near where you live. Bury the crystal deep in the earth and leave a small marker so you can return to it. Leave the crystal buried for 14 nights. Return on the 14th night and dig the crystal up from the ground. Then begin the salt bath ritual above again.

II. The Journey of the Crystal

Each crystal has it’s own journey, remember that you are only providing a waiting space until the crystal reaches it’s final destination. After you have cleansed the crystal meditate with each crystal and put together a journal specifically for your crystal communication. Here is a beautiful prayer to write in your crystal communication journal:

Dear God,

Please bless the time that I spend with this crystal,

and allow it to guide me and those whom I come into contact with into our highest selves.


Another wonderful resource when you begin to communicate with your crystals is Crystal Therapy: How To Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski. This book provides a powerful invocation from the Archangels associated with each crystal.

Allow your crystal to speak to you in your meditation sessions to it’s purpose in the world. To do this simply hold the crystal in your hand. Clear your mind by focusing your eyes on a single flame or a flower, After 3-5 minutes of mind-clearing and centering, ask the crystal what it’s purpose is and write the first thing that comes to your mind.

III.Crystal Communication

For the first week that you have your crystal, spend regular time with it. The easiest way to tune in energetically to the crystal so that it can be a guiding force in your life is to spend time with it. Carry it with you. If it is small enough, put it in your pocket and hold it, or put it somewhere where it is coming into contact with your skin. As you continue working with your crystal daily, carry it with you or choose a place to put it that you visit daily. Place it in the sun to cleanse or leave it in a sea salt bowl overnight. Take time to connect energetically with your crystal, in this way it will convey to you the clearest messages.

Meditate with your crystal. You can bring a specific question that you need clarity with to your meditation time. Using the same process as described above, ask your crystal what guidance it has for you then record it in your crystal journal.

After this initial period of connection, there are many avenues you can take with your crystal. You can use the crystal geographically in your home within grids to bring peace, it can be engaged in healing work or you can develop the skill of crystal communication. These are skills best developed over a lifetime.

You will know when your time with your crystal is through. Some crystals are partners for a lifetime, some are transitional teachers in our lives. When the crystal feels as though it has served its purpose, please cleanse it and pass it on to another person you feel will benefit from it.

High vibrational crystals are coming onto the planet in greater and greater numbers as tools for light workers to collectively raise the vibration of the planet and bring healing to Mother Earth. Keeping your crystals clear and working with them regularly can assist you in connecting to their highest vibrating messages that they bring from Mother Earth.

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