I originally began my journey to becoming a miracle worker in 2005. I did not know it then, but I began the study of a Course in Miracles, and from here I realized, like thousands of others all over the world have realized, that becoming a miracle worker was a calling in my life. Since then, I can say confidently that the practice works. The more I practice, the more miracles happen in ways that I could never have imagined.

A miracle worker is someone who relies on miracles as a natural way of life. Miracles begin with mercy and forgiveness; first to yourself and then to all other beings on earth. A miracle worker acknowledges all as beings of love and light. In this way light and love is cultivated and nurtured in everyone. Over time, you will begin to effortlessly recognize love and light in everyone you see.

Becoming a miracle worker is an inner journey that requires a re-training of your mind so that you begin to see the world through the eyes of God. There are three steps that will guide your journey as a Miracle Worker that I have described for you today. Miracles still happen every moment of every day without doing anything, with no practice. However, as miracle workers, it is our job to perform miracles. For me it is a higher calling, the practice has been so fulfilling for me, if you are wondering if becoming a miracle worker is possible for anyone, I believe that with practice anyone with the calling to become a miracle worker is being supported by a divine support system and with focused practice over time, miracles are inevitable.

Step I: Alignment with your Highest Self

Your Highest Self is the part of your being that embodies divinity. Your Highest Self thinks like God. God is the ultimate miracle worker. There have been many masterful miracle workers that teach what it means to embody divinity. A Course in Miracles calls this the Christ Mind. When you read the words that Jesus Christ has spoken, you gain a glimpse into this state of mind.

For me, God is the infinite source of love at the center of all that is. Jesus, Buddha and Krishna all lived as enlightened beings on earth, they each in their own way, became one with God, thought like God and shared these teachings with the world. Buddha and Krishna in many ways embodied and mirrored the same teachings as Jesus, all teaching the path to your Highest Self through love.

Your Highest Self belongs to God, it doesn’t need external approval, possessions or love. Your Highest Self is forever complete, safe, loved and loving. Your goal is to move into alignment with your Highest Self, you do not have to be perfect. Mother Teresa is a beautiful modern day example of a miracle worker who embodies the Christ Mind, and her teachings remind us that miracles happen everyday when we put great love into all of our actions.

Step II: Submission to the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the voice of transcendent love and compassion that always feels loving, it warns, but never condemns and it is eternally forgiving.

Human perception sees through the body’s eyes and through the body’s ears. We have been trained by the world, and even by our parents and religions to interpret the world through the lens of ego. When you train to become a miracle worker, the practice is to see through God’s eyes. The Holy Spirit is the divine feminine creative aspect of God. As you see through her eyes, all ‘wrongdoing’ melts away with mercy and forgiveness and faith and hope are renewed.

I have been blessed to have been trained as an Angel Therapy Practitioner. When I was learning to hear the voice of my Angels and to discern the difference between my own ego and the loving guidance of my divine guides, I learned the Angels and the Holy Spirit exist and communicate in the same dimensional reality. To listen to my angels, I would have to silence my mind and tune in consciously to their higher vibration through coming into union with nature, music, or through prayer or guided meditation.

I was taught that their voice always sounded loving, so that was the voice I listened to. Once I made the connection, in the beginning, I would practice communicating from my heart center. The practice I learned, which is so powerful, I continue to use it every time I connect to my Angels or divine guides is to envision a set of french doors over my heart. As the doors opened my heart opened and accepted the guidance. I practiced over and over again listening with my heart. I would dismiss the thoughts that represented fear, judgement and would focus entirely on the loving guidance that streamed through. Over time, it becomes easier and easier to tune into the loving guidance and tune out of the lower vibrational thoughts.

It is a gift to hear and communicate with the Holy Spirit or your Angels, but to maintain, it also requires submission and practice. The practice is the most rewarding. A daily affirmation I use is:

Step III: The Vision of God

The third state of being comes spontaneously when you have aligned with your Highest Self and the Holy Spirit and that is the Vision of God. The Vision of God is a gift that we may all pray to be blessed with every day. This is the vision of a totally loving and perfect world. Not as an idealist image in your mind, but as experienced in each divine moment of your current reality. It requires us to retrain ourselves in God’s world, a world where the ego is alive, but only working to glorify and love the true nature of all sentient beings in God’s name. There are four central ways that you begin to see the world when you are aligned with the Vision of God. I’ve stated them here as affirmations (which you can tweet :), because that is the way that helps me best integrate the teachings into my everyday life.

SO powerful. Life changing for me. The practices have brought me so much grace. I am grateful to share with you.

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