We are excited that you have been led here, and are so grateful for the infinite intelligence of the field of energy we exist within that is allowing you to follow the path that your heart embraces! We congratulate you for having the courage, patience and diligence it takes to walk this path of giving of yourself !

We are currently recruiting volunteers to work on location in Southern California, Southeastern Massachusetts and virtually as part of our three global peace forces: Team Indigofera, Team Irtyu and Team Chakra. As a volunteer you gain direct experience in the field and the experience of being in an environment that supports peace and love in all interactions.

Our Volunteer Teams

Team Irtyu

Team Irtyu works virtually and on location in Southern California and Southeastern Massachusetts, serving the needs of Indigo International’s Ministry. Our Ministry has two current projects seeking volunteers; Our Virtual Holistic Clinics and Peaceful Warrior Program. Volunteers are needed virtually and locally in California and Massachusetts.

Team Chakra

Our vision is a world aware of chakra healing practices and benefits. Help us spread the word. Team Chakra works virtually and on location in Southern California and Southeastern Massachusetts spreading the word about chakra health through assisting in free events, marketing and promoting chakra health to the world.

Team Indigofera

Team Indigofera works virtually to spread the word about Indigo International\’s memberships, programs and products! This is our technical Indigo position, are you web savvy, a social marketing whiz or html maven? Well, Team Indigo is looking for you! Join us as we seek to bring peace and love to the world, one click at a time!



Our volunteer experiences are designed to provide skills that you will draw upon throughout your life and to provide you with the opportunity to improve the lives of others. There are also tangible benefits for you personally and professionally.

Paid Meals

Volunteers in Massachusetts receive fresh organic vegan and raw breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with love daily.

Free Indigo International Membership

All volunteers receive an Indigo Membership every month. Our Indigo Memberships includes holistic health treatments, unlimited access to our guided meditation and creative visualization programs, discounts on products and training and a member\’s only newsletter with monthly inspiration for home practice.

Career Benefits

Whether you are just out of college, mid-career, or retired, the skills you learn as a Indigo Volunteer can help you achieve your goals and enhance your marketability with prospective employers. We provide free training in the English language, technical skills, and cross-cultural understanding.



Become a Volunteer Today!


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to healing yourself and helping to heal the world!

We are honored to have you join us!




Review Our Products and Services!


Would you like a very simple way to donate your time?

We are currently seeking loving individuals who have a flair for writing or speaking to sample our products and services and write or film short video reviews so that we can share the experiences of the products and services we offer to the world, in your words!

How Does It Work?

Most of the products and services we currently offer that are digital are available to individuals worldwide. The first step is to sign up here for Indigo Reviews. You will receive an email with the links to your products and services. Then… ahh.. relax and prepare for your healing experience… Once you have soaked up your entire experience, we will send you a series of surveys to fill out to give us feedback.

The only qualifications necessary are a desire to learn and serve and the ability to write or speak clearly from the heart.

The benefits include the complementary product or service that you review.


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