What is a Featured Writer?

Featured writers are individuals who have shared high quality, engaging and transformative writing with Indigo International. Once you have submitted your first piece of writing to Indigo International, you will receive an email from us letting you know if your writing is a fit for our community. If your voice and style are a match for our audience, we will invite you to become a featured writer.

Featured writers submit articles on a monthly basis. Each week we distribute your articles to our extensive network and help you to spread your message to the world! A benefit of becoming a featured writer with Indigo International is our Indigo Membership program which provides you with holistic healing treatments and access to our guided meditation and creative visualization programs, as well as discount on our products and professional training and our member\’s only newsletter full of practical advice to integrate holistic healing into your everyday life.

To submit your first article, explore our guidelines, and send us your work here!

What are the Responsibilities of a Featured Writer?

Once we have invited you to become a featured writer your first task is to submit your first three pieces of writing, if you have not already done so.

As a featured writer, your only responsibility is to submit one 700-1200 word piece of writing every month to us, or 12 every year. This writing can articles, blog posts, your personal reflections on your work, or topics that you are learning about. If you have a book, you can feel free to submit excepts of your book each week in a sequence that explains in detail a concept or idea. ALSO, because you retain the copyright of your original writing, you can START writing a book as a featured author while promoting another book, CD, product or service that you offer. This is a GREAT way to keep yourself on a writing schedule and to get ongoing feedback on your work.

Here\’s how this has worked for me: I have a meditation CD that has already been published. I have several books I am currently working on. Each week I decide which book I am inspired to write about 700 – 1200 words about. I decide on a topic and write my article for that week. After 6 months, I have the foundational text for two of my upcoming books already done in my blog posts! I consider my blog posts the first draft. Once they have been out there and after I\’ve looked through all the feedback and comments, I have the foundation for the chapters of my book! All this time my blog posts are linking to the meditation CD I have already created, so I am driving sales to my existing products while working on my new projects! This process has been how I have been able to support myself as I have created this website. The traffic we receive is enough to bring a steady stream of visitors to purchase my meditation CD on Amazon.com, so much so that it has been on the bestseller\’s list in the top 20 meditation MP3 downloads for the past three years 🙂 It\’s my success with this model that has inspired me to open this program up to other writers who are seeking alternative ways to build their audience and increase book, CD or product sales. 🙂 Aimee

Our goal in bringing you on board as a featured writer is to take some of the work that comes with marketing and sharing your message with a global audience out of your hands.

What Are the Benefits?

We will happily promote any products or services that you are currently offering. This can provide you with a powerful way to open your book, product, service or brand up to a wider audience. We share each post with our expanding network of about 7,000 individuals globally committed to exploring holistic health practices as part of their lifestyle.

After you submit your first three pieces of writing, we will create a dedicated author page where we will share everything about you in full glory with your picture, all links and contact information. After your first three articles, you will also become eligible for our Indigo Membership. Our Indigo Membership provides holistic healing treatments and access to our guided meditation and creative visualization programs as well as discounts on our products and professional training.

You will get an email after each post we publish with links to all of the social networks and communities that your article has been published in.

What Kind of Commitment Does this Require?

We make a significant commitment to our featured writers, so we ask that you take this relationship seriously and only accept the featured writer invitation if you feel that you are able to produce an original article monthly or 12 articles per year for our community.

We are flexible when it comes to submitting writing. You can submit one article every month, or several articles in batches.

We are dedicated to developing strong relationships with our writers. As long as you communicate freely and regularly, we will be happy to work with any special situations you have 🙂

What About Copyright?

You always will hold the copyright for your original work, however, once we have edited your work we ask that you do not resubmit the article with our edits to another publication.

Where Do I Submit My Writing?

Submit Your Writing Here!


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