The Beginning of Angel Meditation Music…

I am OVERJOYED to announce that Indigo International has made the decision to produce all of our future meditations and virtual holistic programs using the magical music of AngelEarth. AngelEarth describes their music as the perfect reflection of the highest expression of Love through words, music and art whose intention is the Ascention of Planet Earth. As I write this, I have goosebumps moving through my entire body, as this partnership is a dream come true for me. Seven years ago I began my journey to Indigo International at a training in the angelic Laguna Beach, California (the first time I had ever stepped foot on the magical shores of this paradise) to train with Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner. The training was one that changed the course of my life forever, as it was after this immersive experience in the Angel’s love that I decided to commit my life to helping Indigo souls all over the planet.

I can remember sitting in our training and being memorized by the melodies coming from Mark Watson. At that time, I was living in a dream world, with no idea how any of my dreams would manifest into physical form. The experience was held in such a powerful portal of Angelic energy with such heart-centered teachers that everything became clear. I know today that vibration is the essence of existence, everything is a vibration at it’s root, every person, place and thing. We were surrounded by so many high vibrations including the vibration of the beautiful music of AngelEarth that our internal reality began to remember the truth of existence as we now know it, that only Love is real and the angels are divine messengers of Love and that our connection to both the angels and the essence of Love as the human race is increasing every day, and it is through a focus on this loving energy that we will bring all of mother earth’s inhabitants into a time of unprecedented peace and wellbeing.

It is in the words of Paul Tillich, an American theologian and philosopher that we are reminded that, “the first duty of love is to listen”.


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