This is a story I shared in our Pleiadian Institute newsletter, about my work with the Christ Light and the fire of unavoidable change that one must walk through in order to fully unite with it.

All of the work in our healing programs is both guided by and grounded in work with the Christ Light, which we visualize as a golden-white light. I have recently been blessed to deepen my work with recognizing and aligning with the Universal Christ. In simple terms, the Universal Christ is the first Christ that was born into all things when our existence was created. It is simply God manifest into form. In this way, Earth is of the Universal Christ, so is our sun, our moon and our entire cosmos. The Universal Light of Christ was born again into the body of Jesus as an example of the light of Christ in man.

This Universal Christ Light is born within each of us, and within every part of our beautiful web of humanity, and all of life itself on Earth. I have been reading one of my favorite authors, Richard Rohr’s, The Universal Christ. He is a Franciscan, which is a type of Catholic who has chosen to take a vow of poverty and serve Christ in the world. He is a beautiful biblical scholar also and his writing always inspires me! He tells the fascinating story that Christ was not Jesus’s last name. It was a name used to signify he was born of the Christ.

While I have been practicing deep unity with my Christ Light, I have simultaneously been met with a higher than normal amount of situations in which there was alot of positive going on, but another person, in each instance not participating fully in the positive, decided to focus their energy on several problems.

These situations mirrored one another in very clear ways. I intuitively saw a situation unfolding. Then days later, I directly witnessed it happen in real life. The basic pattern that repeated was one in which a story was told that was a repeating of a negative story from the past that created a projected reality that the person believed in the present moment to be ‘true’. But this was a ‘truth’ from the past that no longer held ‘true’. To the other person, they were telling their ‘truth’. But I could clearly see a situation far larger that encompassed the present moment of ‘truth’. My mind was blown in this situation that repeated multiple times, and I knew I was meant to practice with it.

My practice with the Christ Light has been expanding. In the recent past I have worked primarily with the golden light within the DNA Activation & Attunement process, before that, I did a lot of work with Angel Healing, which I feel like at the time brought me into alignment with the Christ Light. I also have a miracle meditation practice that I work within which I choose to see the love present in each moment, it is called the holy instant in a Course in Miracles.

In the recent repetitive situations, I have been called to dwell with the presence of the Christ Light. Specifically, I am drawn to the moment of the death of Jesus in which he is being wrongfully killed, and his last words are: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” 

This is the most beautiful example of how to see the Universal Christ Light in all humans. In praying for forgiveness in a situation in which another is not clearly perceiving the light we embody the Universal Christ Light. It is also important to remember that this other person was really a reflection of me. It is a reminder that in some times in my life when I am not clearly perceiving the light, I need to forgive myself. Forgiveness strengthens our energy fields and everything we do in the healing arts.

The practice is transformational in every way. What I know is when you are embodying the Light of Christ, you see the good in all people and situations. This is the energy that heals and strengthens people. The practice of embodying this light has provided me with a strength that feels bulletproof, because bullets can’t hurt a body full of light!

Practicing embodying Christ Light in those moments that are difficult is our real work as healers. It also brings the greatest rewards. I love how healing works. I love how my practice keeps expanding with each fire that I walkthrough. I love that the work that I do every day is also bringing me into even greater alignment with my highest self on this Earth! I love how working with this light makes me feel.

I hope this story inspires you to strive to see the Christ Light in all people and situations on Earth today as you walk through whatever fires life lights around you.

I am with you practicing in spirit.

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