“Everything that flows moves in rhythm with the Moon. She rules the water element on earth. She pulls on the ocean’s tides, the weather, female reproductive cycles and the life fluids in plants, animals and people. She influences the underground currents in earth’s energy, the mood swings of the mind, body, behavior and emotion. The Moon’s phases reflect her dance with Sun and Earth, her closest relatives in the sky. Together, these three heavenly bodies weave the web of light and dark into our lives” WeMoon – Gaia Rhythms for Women

The moon governs our emotional and subtle bodies. Our ancestors lived by the knowledge that the moon provided. A key to returning to health in today’s world is to reconnect with the ancient wisdom of the moon. Coming into alignment with both the sun and moon cycles can bring us into greater rhythm with Mother Earth. It can help you to see that there is a bigger energetic web within which you are operating, and through connecting to and harnessing the power of the sun and moon of our Great Mother Earth, you can find it easier to flow with all the changes that life is bringing your way during this very magical time on earth 🙂

Aligning with the moon helps us to understand the flow of our emotions, and direct and harness the powerful energies created by our planet and her galaxy. Use the affirmations below to direct the energies of the moon to her highest place!

Moon in Taurus

The moon in Taurus brings us stability, it helps us to deepen our connections to the projects, people and places that are in our lives at the moment. It is a time to focus on bringing beauty and balance into your home, a time to plant, to nurture your relationships, and to care for your body. This is a time to stay in and organize all those corners of your life that are calling for it 🙂

Affirmation: I am strong, I am light, My light is my strength.

Moon in Gemini

The moon is Gemini brings an energy that can help us in communicating with the world. Talk, sing and write. The Gemini moon helps us to express ourselves. Find the peace in stillness and solitude to bring clarity to your expression and purpose on this earth during this important time.

Affirmation: I interact with the world in ways that brings peace and harmony to every sentient being on earth.

Moon in Cancer

A powerful time to allow your emotions speak to you as a means of serving your life purpose. As there is alot changing and shifting right now, sitting with your emotions for too long could result in overwhelm. To assist with this, create a sanctuary or order in your home. Bring in water to heal and nurture yourself in as many ways as possible. Remember, you emotions are a divine energetic gift from Spirit, always listen to feelings that indicate discord and strive to bring light and healing into any area of your life that needs it.

Affirmation: I easily bring balance into my life. Beauty inspires me to let go of all that is ugly.

Moon in Leo

The moon in Leo is a time for sharing your story with the world. Be generous, inspire others, live your live with intensity! It is time to shine!

Affirmation: I accept that I am here to shine light on this planet, living from my highest self brings deep fulfillment.

Moon in Virgo

The moon in Virgo sharpens our minds and helps us to find creative solutions. The Virgo moon is a time to clean, organize, edit and weed. This may be a challenging time for forgiveness and compassion, as these are some of the challenges of the energy of this self-exacting moon. To help counter this energy challenge yourself to play with life\’s circumstances each day, lighten up, laugh more, and be extra kind to yourself. Remember, there is nothing to rush towards, every single activity you are involved in is for a single purpose – Joy!

Affirmation: Joy is my birthright, I seek to find opportunities for joy in every minute of every day!

Moon in Libra

The moon in Libra is all about beauty! This is an excellent time to work on developing group consciousness, as the moon in Libra assists in bringing harmony to all relationships. It is also time to vision the beauty that you want to manifest in your life. Close your eyes often throughout your day whenever you are presented with a reality that is not making you feel harmonious (such as during a a conflict, or within a challenging job or environment) For a moment, vision the situation in total harmony. Return to this vision every time you feel the discord in your body. This will slowly bring you into the vibration of Libra, a powerful manifestation moon 🙂

Affirmation: I am harmony, I am peace, I am beauty, and my world is a reflection of this!

Moon in Scorpio

The moon in Scorpio brings a deep awareness to your deepest self and brings the courage needed to express your deepest self. Your challenge during the Scorpio moon time is to make sure that your expression respects the journey of all others.

Affirmation: I am powerful, I am able to manifest my dreams in this world, I have everything I need to make my future a reality!

Moon in Sagittarius

The moon in Sagittarius is a time to explore. It is a time to speak our truth. The moon in Sagittarius gives you the forward movement necessary to make your dreams a reality.

Affirmation: I am safe to speak and act upon my truth. Speaking my truth always brings me into greater alignment in my world!

Moon in Capricorn

The moon in Capricorn brings out our ambition. It is a time to organize and manage our world. It is also a moon that reminds us that we are the creators of our destiny. It is the time to create goals, work on the foundation of new projects and relationships. It an an exciting time, remember to find peace and purpose in your moments of being, for not all the work on earth needs to be done through action.

Affirmation: I am love manifesting in a million ways, I am peace radiating out into the world, I am harmony in every interaction.

Moon in Aquarius

The moon in Aquarius calls us to the circle of life. It is time to reflect on our place in the wider circles that make up our lives. Stop thinking about your day to day concerns and spend time reflecting on all those in your life that make it complete. It is a time to connect and collaborate to network to vision a global community that supports the highest peace, health, and well being of each and every sentient being on earth.

Affirmation: I am safe in the world. God has placed all others in my life to reflect me, I am thankful for each and every one!

Moon in Pisces

Brings heightened energy to our feelings and emotions. It is a time to establish and guard your boundaries. Deep imbalance in the soul of another can be felt with intensity in intuitive and empathic individuals, treat your days and interactions with care, remember that letting go is sometimes the only way that God gives us to love in a healthy way. It is a time to tap into your ability to practice transcendent compassion, accept all that reality presents to you and let the depth of your realities with God heal all seeming wounds.

Affirmation: I trust my inner knowing, I allow my feelings to divinely direct my life.

Moon in Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it brings the urge to initiate and an innocent awareness of our deepest needs. This is the perfect time to begin a new project and brings a heightened drive to all work that you complete. Create a clear plan of what you want and need in the days to come, you are the only one that can shapeshift your reality into it’s highest form right now, the ball is in your hands, you are the master of your reality, claim it, before someone else claims it for you 🙂

Affirmation: I AM a powerful, radiant child of God! I AM truth, I AM love expressing itself!

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