Sagittarius is a constellation of stars. It is one of the original 48 constellations identified by astronomer Ptolemy and is one of the current 88 known constellations. It is also a position in the zodiac aligned with fire and Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The word Sagittarius is Latin for archer and the archetype of Sagittarius is the optimistic adventurer. The symbol for Sagittarius is an arrow.

Every year all of us living on Earth come the closest to the Sagittarius constellation from November 23 – December 21. During this time every person on Earth has the blessing of being supported by the energy of this star system.

In Greek Mythology, Sagittarius is described as a centaur: half horse, half-human. When we are in alignment with Sagittarius during this time of year on Earth, we are supported by the energy of this constellation to explore, to refocus on our aim and to reconnect to the fire within us that we need to keep burning in order to have the energy to go out into the world.

The crystals that help us to align and heal with the Sagittarius energy will either stimulate the energy of Sagittarius within us or calm and center us in this energy. Here is a list of all of the crystals aligned with Sagittarius, and a collection of the crystals we have in OM Apothecary from this list!

Stimulating Crystals
Herkimer Diamonds

Calming and Centering Crystals
Black Obsidian
Pink Tourmaline
Lapis Lazuli

The crystals below are from OM Apothecary, where I write all of the descriptions for the crystals. Legitimately, one of my favorite things to do is write about crystals ๐Ÿ™‚ You cannot click on the images below to learn more, you can only purchase them. However, you can find a live version of this collection of Sagittarius crystals on our site here, and you can click each one to learn more!

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