If you associate yourself with your ego, you do not understand the truth of life. Your ego tells you that you are different and separate from all of God’s creations. The beginning of miracle work lies in realizing how much of your thinking is ego-centered.  However, the truth is that your ego is nothing more than a part of your belief about yourself.

The truth is that your world is a reflection of your thoughts. Your brother is actually a reflection of yourself. Whenever you choose to see a person, place or thing through your ego, you renounce holiness. When you renounce your holiness, you renounce God. For in truth, every person, place and thing in this world is a divine reflection of God, just as you are.

As you focus your thoughts more and more on the holiness of all people, places and things, you will become closer to God.

Throughout the day, think to yourself:

I am never upset for the reason I think. My world is a reflection of my thoughts.
I am not afraid for the reason I think… My fears are a reflection of my thoughts.
I am not worried about ______ for the reason I think… My worries stem from separation from God.
I am not depressed about ______ for the reason I think… My depression stems from a belief in unholiness.
I am not stressed about _______ for the reason I think… As I focus on the holiness of every person, place and thing, peace arrives.

Every time you are upset, no matter whether it is a small upset or a large upset is equally disturbing to your state of mind. Any thoughts of anger, fear, worry, depression or stress separate you from the holiness of all things on earth. As you separate yourself from these thoughts, the foundation for miracles in your life is strengthened.

Notice if you are less willing to let go of some upsets then others. Remember that all times that you are upset are equal energetically, and if you hold on to one upset, you will attract more of the same.

Affirmation for the Day: The world is a reflection of me, as I recognize and surrender all past thoughts and beliefs, I continuously allow myself to experience miracles and to be birthed into a new reality.


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