In the creation of the universe, God gave all of his creations the same loving will to create. No one can lose this ability because it is inherent in who we are as God\’s children, but we can use it inappropriately by projecting. Projection occurs when you believe that some emptiness or lack exists in you or someone else. Here are four thoughts of the egoic mind that have the potential to separate you from God\’s truth that only love is real:

1.  You believe that what God created is anything other than love.
2. You believe that anything that God has created can be imperfect or lacking.
3. You believe that the creations of God are not forms of perfect love, including yourself.
4. You believe that you can create yourself, and that the direction of your own creation is up to you.

These are four common thoughts we have as human beings. However, they all stem from our egoic mind, and are not true in God’s reality. As we journey to become miracle workers, the central goal is to align our minds with God. Here are the four thoughts that you need to replace with your egoic thoughts in order to align more deeply with your own God-self.

1. I CHOOSE to see only love in every person, place or situation I encounter.
2. When I think I see imperfection or lack, I immediately pray to God to help see where the love and perfection exists.
3. I seek to see all people, places and things as forms of God’s perfect love, beginning with myself.
4. I let go of trying to have complete control over my life and surrender to God’s perfect will.

God is devoted to all his children unconditionally and forever. When you begin to align your mind with God and devote yourself to your brother unconditionally and forever, divine transformation is automatic. Devotion to your brother cannot set you back, it can lead only to mutual progress. How can this be?

Imagine this scenario: you have someone in your life that is abusive. You cannot imagine devoting yourself to an abusive person, so you move further away from him or her. However, devotion does not require that you keep abusive people in your life, only that you choose to see these people from a place of only love. When you devote yourself energetically to a negative person and take on their negativity, you drain your energy. However, when you make the choice to see only love in every negative person, place or thing that you encounter, you cannot be drained, instead, this type of genuine devotion to seeing your brother or sister through God’s eyes creates a state of inspiration, the energetic opposite of fatigue. The easiest way to do this is to disconnect from the story that is playing out in your life, such as “this person, place or thing is draining my energy” and instead to choose to think the thoughts, “I only focus on the love in every person, place or situation that is presented to me”.

To live in love and devotion it is necessary to reprogram your mind to begin the journey as a miracle worker. When you choose to think only thoughts of love and devotion, all fatigue and egocentric thoughts will dissolve over time.

Your thoughts mean everything. As you align your thoughts with God and only love and devotion to your brother or sister, you begin the foundation for miracle work. As you let go of and dismiss any thought that is not based in love and devotion,  you open the door to creating miracles.

Affirmations for the Day:

I am a divine co-creator of my experience, I only choose to co-create from a place of love.

I open myself to fully walking with God and I let go of any thoughts or parts of myself that are not of love!


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