Innocence is strength. The best way to observe innocence in it’s purest form is through the actions of a small child. Children begin in this world seeing only love. Although they are small and helpless, the strength of a child lies in their perception of love and total innocence.

When you choose to see only love, and view all humans as perfect in their essence, you begin to reconnect with the strength of innocence. From this place of total love, fear and weakness cannot exist. The root of our weakness lies in the perception that there is a force other than love and innocence operating in our lives. When you allow yourself to attack any person, place or thing, you energetically allow fear to enter your life.

When you choose to think and act only from a place of a belief in the innocence of all beings, love will automatically follow.

You begin to walk in peace when you travel innocently along the way love shows you. For when you surrender your life to love and the belief of the innocence of yourself and all of God’s beings, you are protected from fear. As you perceive the world from a place of love, your awareness of the truth that only love exists releases you from the illusion that any person, place or thing can harm you. From this place, what once seemed harmful is happily returned to love.

From this place of total love and innocence comes the realization that nothing without meaning exists. Every piece of dust is a precious piece of love. Recognition of meaninglessness arouses anxiety because it separates us from God’s reality. When you perceive any person, place or thing as meaningless, you lose connection to the truth.

If you believe in anything as meaningless, it is certain that you will endow the world with attributes that are not of God’s reality.

Your strength lies in total belief in the innocence of all beings. As you see the innocence, love and divine meaning in everything, your life becomes more and more innocent, loving and meaningful and you create a foundation for God to work miracles in your life everyday!


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