Who We Are

The Indigo MovementWe emanate from ONE LIGHT & share ONE LOVE

Join us as we remember, radiate & co-create TRANSCENDENT HEALTH!

Indigo International is dedicated to inspiring and empowering humanity through holistic health practices & through supporting the physical, psychological, spiritual, cultural, social & economic needs of our community.

Indigo International is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing peace and health to our planet through holistically treating our minds, bodies and souls.

We believe that holistic health treatment and education should be available to everyone, regardless of geographic location or income. We are dedicated to loving, honoring and serving ALL people through our philosophy of radical inclusion.

We offer progressive distance holistic healing services, training courses and products to improve the quality of your life, and to help your mind, body and spirit to move into deep harmony with the divine Love present within our sacred Mother Earth and within the entire cosmos. We believe we can change the way we live together on this planet through sharing holistic health practices through a hybrid gift economy & social enterprises.

We are committed to bringing our passion for holistic healing to the world and through embracing a holistic economic model, we hope to live in greater and greater awareness of the possibility of transcendent health and the manifestation of heaven on earth.

We operate three branches that create and distribute our services, training courses and products all designed to bring healing naturally and holistically.

Together these branches of our family tree unite us as one in heart, mind and body. Our work is ultimately in service to our great Mother Earth and God who have showed us why we need to teach our children of a planet earth who is whole, thriving and bustling with love! We do this while enjoying time with our families and keeping our little corners of this earth green!

Explore each unique branch of Indigo International:


Pleiadian Institute is an educational institute offering holistic health programs online. We also offer progressive holistic health programs online to assist you in healing, awakening and expanding your consciousness and professional certificate and degree programs to train the next generation of holistic health practitioners. You can participate from any computer in the world! Explore Pleiadian Institute Today!


Indigo Ministry is our non-denominational ministry serving young people of every culture, religion, sexual orientation and political affiliation. Our vision is to assist in the creation of heaven on earth. Our heaven on earth is a place where all of earth’s inhabitants are loved and nurtured to health through treatment, training, community support and service. It is a place where technology serves us as we return to the healing traditions of our roots in the earth. Our ministry is currently working on The Chakra Healing Movement, and our Transcendent Health Clinic. Are you interested in volunteering for our ministry? Explore our volunteer opportunities today!


Indigo OM is our transformative social entrepreneurship program. Our mission is to be part of the global shift in opening humanity’s eyes to the power of natural and spiritual healing. We believe that as we increase knowledge of and access to holistic health products and resources and build a thriving community online the vibration of the earth will shift deeper into love 🙂 Explore OM APOTHECARY our first social enterprise providing crystals, meditations, and more!



Our communal, transpersonal and preventative holistic health model utilizes evidence-based practices in transpersonal psychology, liberation psychology, energy healing, yoga, meditation, crystal healing, aromatherapy, herbal nutrition, whole foods, community development & economic revival.

Through the implementation of our distance healing programs, holistic clinics, community gardens, midnight basketball programs and social entrepreneurship programs we support wellness, peace and abundance in communities in our own back-yard and around the world.

We believe in the practices of transpersonal psychology and in honoring the spiritual domain of the human psyche. Our holistic health treatments and educational programs encourage the definition, classification, cultivation and nurturing of the qualities of awe, bliss, wonder, transcendence of the self, spirit, oneness, cosmic awareness, individual and species -wide synergy, sacralization of everyday life, cosmic self humor, self-actualization, playfulness happiness, joy, love & maximal sensory awareness and provides a foundation for the creation of practical methods of application in schools and communities.

Our evidence-based holistic health practices and transcendent health coaches are designed to assist you in reaching a state in which you can transcend the boundaries of ego and encounter a fuller spectrum of transpersonal experiences that can help to reclaim a larger sense of personal, cultural and communal identity. Learning how to bring holistic health practices into life every day brings the energy and motivation necessary to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We seek to assist you to understand yourself and to connect with your greatest teacher – the silent voice within.

In order to affect global change, we embrace and embody liberation ideas such as individual and community empowerment, engagement, commitment and leadership as healing forces in communities. Our approach is also careful to weigh the interrelation between current suffering and the cultural and historical roots of the people and places we serve. Our model is grounded in the American principles of freedom and liberty for all and is grounded in a truly holistic view of health, one that empowers people physically, psychologically, spiritually, culturally, economically and socially.

We are a radically inclusive organization with a hybrid gift economy. Radical inclusion is rooted in the belief that all people should have the opportunity to be part of a tribe that honors their individual journeys, fosters spiritual exploration and nurtures the connection to Mother Earth. Therefore, all of our programs and services are accessible to everyone. Through bringing together a community that honors all races, cultures, religions and sexual orientations as part of the same human tribe, we work everyday to be part of the global shift; viewing our world as one. Through embracing the wisdom of our ancestors, we are creating new virtual and physical communities and through our hybrid gift economy we turn no one away.

We envision a future in which all children find it easy to maintain peace and find balance and happiness in deeper aspects of themselves as they journey through the stages of life. Every thought we think, every word we speak and every action we take in our lives is for our children.

Our World is For Them.

Dive in Deeper…

Indigo International is dedicated to bringing an awareness of holistic health practices across the globe. Gain a deeper awareness of our philosophy by reading our Code of Ethics. Want to join our Indigo Family? Learn how to become an Indigo Volunteer or how to join our Board of Directors.