Love Fest 2013


\"AimeeRebekahSheaMACCHT\"We have decided to extend LOVE FEST until August 29th!! You can use this portal to access the healing treatments and events going on! We will be providing inspiration to fall into a love deeper than we have known in human form, a love that we can now inhabit by making the choice every day to surrender to it.

LOVE FEST has been designed as a way to connect virtually in Love to heal, inspire, enlighten and awaken you to embody your Highest Self! Every part of LOVE FEST is a revolutionary type of experience. This is our first TOTALLY VIRTUAL healing event! The love and light is radiating right now and we seek to share, spread and sing along with this divine presence as much as possible right now! All of our treatments, meditations and ceremonies operate on the principles of our newly adopted hybrid gift economic system. No money? No worries! Share your love, skills or gifts with us, and let the healing begin!

Virtual Holistic Healing Clinics

Join us for the Grand Opening of our Virtual Holistic Healing Clinic! Mondays – Fridays from 6 am. – 10 am. EST receive one of our Holistic Therapy Treatments all delivered via Skype or telephone.

Here are the steps to take to register for a treatment during our Virtual Holistic Healing Clinic:

1.Learn more about our holistic healing treatments

2. Register for an Indigo Membership (*Note Registering for a treatment is the only aspect of our event that requires you sign up for membership. Indigo Membership is a monthly commitment to healing treatments. We offer our Indigo Membership as part of our hybrid gift economy system, your bill is $0.00 at the end of every month, we simply encourage you to pay forward your healing with time, skills or whatever way your heart desires 🙂 Register here.

3. Log into the Indigo Member Portal and schedule your treatment 🙂 You will receive the link and password to the Indigo Member Portal in an email after you sign up!

That\’s it! This is a great way to begin to integrate regular holistic health treatment into your everyday life!

Guided Meditations

Indigo International produces high vibrational meditations to help you release pain and suffering and ascend into the New Earth. Each meditation is accompanied by the healing vibrations of AngelEarth music. For every week during Love Fest we are offering our guided meditations to everyone in our community at no cost online. Simply sign up for our newsletter to get on the list!

Daily Gift Giving

Every single day during Love Fest join us on Facebook for access to the details about our unique gift giveaways. We have 33 unique healing gifts that we have been guided to give in celebration of the LOVE that is here in greater quantities than any of us can imagine!

Register to win our healing gift today!

Chakra Healing Bootcamp

Your chakras are the center of health in your body, your portal to the infinite and key to happiness, contentment and fulfillment in life. Join us for a very special and intimate Chakra Healing Bootcamp Virtual Experience. Aimee is your guide each week as you cleanse and balance each of your 12 major chakras. Through a combination of guided meditations, energy healing practices, yoga poses, affirmations, and crystal, herbal, essential oil and nutritional recommendations your body, mind and spirit will feel clearer, stronger, and ready to radiate your love and passion into your world!  Aimee provides you with tools and encouragement each week via streaming audio meditations, printable inspiring pdfs, articles and links to our favorite online spaces to support your healing journey! Chakra Healing Bootcamp runs for 13 weeks from June 28th, 2013 – September 23rd, 2013

Register for Chakra Healing Bootcamp

Crystalline Grid Alignment Ceremony

Crystals are love sent from Mother Nature. They communicate messages from deep within the womb of mother earth. These are messages that we all need to hear and share during this very importnat transitional period into the New Earth. Learn how to create a Crystal Grid for Love and Transcendent Forgiveness. Join us for a powerful ceremony as we christen our grid and send prayers for it\’s love to reunite our planet. June 29th 6 pm. PST.

Register for the Crystalline Grid Alignment Ceremony

Our Revolutionary Hybrid Gift Economic System and Social Entrepreneurship Programs

We know there\’s a better way to get everything we need. Our solution is our revolutionary hybrid gift economic system paired with our social entrepreneurship programs. Within our gift economy, all of our treatments and events are a gift to you. We encourage you to pay it forward from your heart once you have been filled up by our loving treatments and events. Our social entrepreneurship programs give you a system with which you can help bring healing to the world and help to support yourself financially through igniting your passions and sharing high vibrational practices and products with the world.


Our Mission

Indigo International is a global non-profit organization dedicated to awakening, inspiring and empowering humanity to live a life fully aligned with spirit through transcendent health practices. Our mission is to address health from a truly holistic paradigm, through supporting the physical, psychological, spiritual, cultural, social and economic needs of people all over the world.

We offer progressive virtual holistic healing treatments, experiences and products to improve the quality of your life, and to help your mind, body and spirit to move into deep harmony with the divine Love present within our sacred Mother Earth and within the entire cosmos. Join our community from any computer in the world! We believe we can change the way we live together on this planet through sharing transcendent health practices through a gift economy and with social entrepreneurship programs. We are committed to bringing our passion for holistic healing to the world and through embracing a holistic economic model, we hope to live in greater and greater awareness of the possibility of transcendent health and the manifestation of heaven on earth.

What is the first step in the creation of heaven on earth? Give Love 🙂

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