Awakening the Divine Feminine

Within all aspects of nature two forces can be found. These forces can be described as masculine and feminine energy; God and Goddess or Yin and Yang.  All aspects of nature contain some combination of these two creative forces.  These forces are always at work to balance one another.  Our earth has been dominated in the past by the masculine, by our belief in an all powerful Father God.

The time has come to awaken the feminine energy in ourselves as a means of bringing balance into our lives and healing to our planet.

The energy of a masculine God is an active energy. Gods are often depicted as those who have the power to do anything imaginable.  We have been surrounded by this energetic force since the beginning of time on this planet.

An understanding of the divine feminine energy of the Goddess has been suppressed in religious teachings in Christianity, Judaism and other mainstream groups because of fear.

The divine feminine energy is the container for all of creation, without this essential energy, life itself would not be possible.

She is known in the east as Shakti, the creative energy of the Goddess; receptive in nature, present in every moment, accepting all aspects of life and open to surrendering to the power greater than itself.  This feminine energy embodied in the Goddess has been with us since the beginning of time.

Shakti is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to be able’. Shakti can best be described as a primordial energy of sacred force.  It lies within each of us and is both responsible for our creation and an agent of change within us. Many spiritual teachings are grounded in connection to higher beings outside of us.  Your shakti energy lies within your body. Opening to sacred feminine energy requires you move within, for it is within the sacred centers in your body that the power of the divine feminine lies.  A simple way to move into deep communion with your body is through chakra healing. Your chakras are the energetic centers of your body and are the root of your mental, emotional and physical health. Cleansing and balancing your chakras brings your shakti energy into harmony.

The Shift Into the Divine Feminine

Today we are moving through a time of great transformation and change.  Many cycles of death and rebirth are overlapping in the consciousness of humanity and within the evolution of the planet. With this rebirth comes a shift in perspective; a shift from how we have seen the world, to embracing new ways of being.

The shift in consciousness that our planet is calling for is to embrace the wisdom of the goddess.

“Those animated by the Goddess, in her many forms, are concerned with all world problems: economy, justice; racial, sexual and species equality; education, ecological balance and many other concerns. To acknowledge the Goddess is to open up immediately to issues which threaten our total existence. For we cannot deny our common heritage of life which the Goddess safeguards” C. Matthews


The Wisdom of the Divine Feminine

Honoring the wisdom of the goddess is also essential because as humans, when things are uncertain in our lives, we have learned to take action, to ask for more answers and to try to do more.  When in actuality, the exact opposite is the most beneficial path to take.  It is during these times of uncertainty that we need to embrace our feminine receptive nature like no other time.

It is the time to slow down,

to listen,


and to be led by the inner voice.

Awaken the Divine Feminine

Each goddess embodies a divine feminine energy that you can work with to transform your life.

In order to awaken the divine feminine energy within, connect to the image of the goddess and meditate on her purpose.  Exploring the many manifestations of divine feminine energy as embodied in goddess imagery can be a powerful way to awaken that same energy within yourself. 

Spending time daily in reflection of one or more of these aspects can heal, strengthen, clarify and awaken your connection with the essence of life itself.

As we emerge into a New Earth, as men and women we are being called upon to embrace our power like never before. Through awakening this connection to the divine feminine energy within you, doorways of opportunity will open wherever you are on your path. May your communion with this goddess energy inspire you to embody all that she is, and recognize your deep connection is to her.

Want to Learn More?

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Move deep into your body and commune with the living divine feminine energy within in my transformative 15 week Chakra Healing Intensive Course! I am here in spirit with you helping you to embody your divinity :)



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