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Loving Boundaries

When you begin on the path to embodying your Highest Self, you will soon meet others on your path that are there to guide you into living in a higher frequency. You will begin to meet new, like-minded souls and your current relationships will evolve. This is not necessarily an easy journey. I have personally […]

Choosing the Light & True Love

Choosing the light begins with choosing to see innocence and guiltlessness in yourself and all others. Clarity and truth live in the light. When you choose to see the innocence in everything, your mind perceives everything with more clarity and you can more easily discern the truth. It is pretty amazing. This practice takes mindfulness. […]

Embracing the Qualities of Perfection

\”Perfection is your eternal home, to which the universe is programmed to return you whenever you have deviated, for whatever reason, from the thoughts that get and keep you there. That is how loved you are.\” Marianne Williamson Perfection is both a state of mind and an actual state of being. A healthy state of perfectionism begins with […]