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A Course In Miracles Lessons

Choosing the Light & True Love

Choosing the light begins with choosing to see innocence and guiltlessness in yourself and all others. Clarity and truth live in the light. When you choose to see the innocence in everything, your mind perceives everything with more clarity and you can more easily discern the truth. It is pretty amazing. This practice takes mindfulness. […]

A Course in Miracles

The teachings in A Course in Miracles have changed my relationship to life. The confusion within my mind is always made clear when I turn to these practices. I am a different person and I see my world with new eyes. It’s been one of the most powerful mind training programs I have ever been through. […]

The Holy Instant

When I first started studying A Course in Miracles, I would talk to the book and say, ‘I need a miracle!’ Then, like an oracle, I would open it and trust the message that my eyes fell upon. To me no one lesson was more powerful then the Holy Instant. It teaches that choosing to […]

Peace and Freedom

Time on earth exists so that we can learn how to know love and how to know peace and freedom. Living in deep awareness of the love, peace and freedom always present is the foundation of transcendent health. Time exists in the present moment. Nothing in this world takes more time than this moment. A […]

Sacrificing the Ego

The essence of our nature as humans is that we project our thoughts out into the world. The Universe then creates by extension whatever you think about. That is energetic law. The true essence of our divine reality on Earth is Love. Our world needs you to walk in love to begin working miracles daily. […]

My Brother is My Reflection

To prepare yourself to begin miracle work, it is necessary to reverse the way you think about the world. The most important principle of miracle work is the understanding that your thoughts determine the world you see. The key to forgiveness lies in your understanding that your thoughts have created all the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ […]